In 1993, the Canadian League of Composers (CLC) and the Canadian Music Centre established the Friends of Canadian Music Award to honour individuals or organizations that “have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to Canadian composers and their music.” The inaugural recipient in 1995 was broadcaster David Olds. The honour has since been awarded annually to people from various musical disciplines, not all of them composers. In 2011, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the CLC, a special Friends of Canadian Music Award for Lifetime Achievement in Canadian Music Scholarship was awarded to Patricia Shand, in addition to the regular award.


1995 — David Olds, broadcaster

1996 — Jean-François Denis, composer, promoter

1997 — Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects

1998 — Don Wherry, percussionist, composer, educator, artistic director

1999 — James Dormeyer, television producer

2000 — Jon Washburn, conductor, composer

2001 — Ann Southam, composer, educator

2002 — David Jaeger, composer, producer; Larry Lake, composer, trumpeter, broadcaster

2003 — Mary Gardiner, composer, educator

2004 — Thomas Rolston and Isobel Moore, teachers, administrators

2005 — Joseph Petric, accordionist

2006 — Helmut Kallmann, music librarian/historian

2007 — Christina Petrowska Quilico, pianist, teacher, administrator

2008 — CBC Radio Orchestra

2009 — Véronique Lacroix, conductor

2010 — John Beckwith, composer, educator, academic

2011 — Julian Armour, cellist, artistic director; Patricia Shand, educator (Special Lifetime

Achievement in Canadian Music Scholarship Award)

2012 — Lawrence Cherney, oboist, educator, artistic director

2013 — Bramwell Tovey, conductor, composer, symphony director

A version of this entry originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada.