Governors General of Canada Since Confederation

Canada is a constitutional monarchy. The Crown is the head of state, and the governor general acts as their representative in Canada. The governor general has extensive ceremonial duties. They fulfill an important role in upholding the traditions of Parliament and other democratic institutions. Inuk leader Mary Simon was formally installed as Canada’s 30th Governor General on 26 July 2021. She is the first Indigenous person to hold Canada’s vice-regal position.

Flag of the Governor-General of Canada

The governor general’s personal standard (flag) flies wherever he or she is in residence. It takes precedence over all other flags in Canada except that of the monarch.

Name Term
Viscount Monck 1867-68
Lord Lisgar 1869-72
Earl of Dufferin 1872-78
Marquess of Lorne 1878-83
Marquess of Lansdowne 1883-88
Baron Stanley of Preston 1888-93
Earl of Aberdeen 1893-98
Earl of Minto 1898-1904
Earl Grey 1904-11
Duke of Connaught 1911-16
Duke of Devonshire 1916-21
Lord Byng 1921-26
Viscount Willingdon 1926-31
Earl of Bessborough 1931-35
Lord Tweedsmuir 1935-40
Earl of Athlone 1940-46
Viscount Alexander of Tunis 1946-52
Vincent Massey 1952-59
Georges Vanier 1959-67
Roland Michener 1967-74
Jules Léger 1974-79
Edward Schreyer 1979-84
Jeanne Sauvé 1984-90
Ramon John Hnatyshyn 1990-95
Roméo A. LeBlanc 1995-99
Adrienne Louise Clarkson 1999-2005
Michaëlle Jean 2005-10
David Johnston 2010-17
Julie Payette 2017-21
Mary Simon 2021-Present