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Jean-Baptiste Lagimodière

Jean-Baptiste Lagimodière, also spelled as Lagimodière, Lagimonière and Lajimodière, fur trader (born 26 December 1778 in Trois-Rivières, Quebec; died 7 September 1855 in St-Boniface, Manitoba). 
Marie-Anne and Jean-Baptiste Lagimodière

Going west as a hunter and trapper about 1800, he returned to Quebec in 1806, where he married Marie-Anne Gaboury. Taking her west, he was a free trapper near the Red River Colony and later near Fort Edmonton. (See also Fur Trade in Canada.)

In 1815, during the troubles at the Red River settlement, he was given despatches to take to Montreal for the Hudson's Bay Company, informing Lord Selkirk of the dangerous situation in the West. He made the arduous 3,000 km journey in five months, but on his return was captured near Fort William and held prisoner by the North West Company for 56 days. Upon his release and return to Red River, he was given a land grant across the river from Fort Garry.