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Jean Chatillon

Jean Chatillon. Composer, theorist, teacher, administrator, b Nicolet 13 Sep 1937; B PED (Montreal) 1967, Teacher's Diploma (Montreal) 1967.

Chatillon, Jean

Jean Chatillon. Composer, theorist, teacher, administrator, b Nicolet 13 Sep 1937; B PED (Montreal) 1967, Teacher's Diploma (Montreal) 1967. His first music lessons, from Gilles Fortin, were followed by studies in Montreal with Conrad Letendre (musical sciences 1957-61) and Michel Perrault (orchestration 1964-7). At the request of the MACQ, he conducted research 1968-9 on early Quebec music publications. He helped to found the music department of the UQTR, which he directed 1969-74 and where he taught composition, analysis, and counterpoint 1976-80. He founded the Club artistique de Nicolet 1959-63 and the group Art-Nicolet 1974-6. He has composed some 300 works, including the piano suites La Fête and Valses pour Marie Vetsera (recorded by Michel Dussault); Rue du Trésor, for orchestra; a Sonata for violin and piano, and another for alto saxophone and piano; the Suite Pantomime for organ, premiered in 1967 by Lucienne L'Heureux-Arel; numerous songs (11 recorded by the soprano Marie Daveluy and the pianist Diane Mauger, and 30 published in two volumes by Ostiguy in 1985); and some works for recorder including Duos folkloriques (Montreal, Centre de psychologie et de pédagogie, 1971) and Duos de Noël (Richelieu, Centre de la flûte à bec, 1974). A recital of his songs was presented in 1972 at the UQTR by Marie Daveluy and Diane Mauger. Some 20 of his works have been published by UQTR. Several of his theoretical and instructional works - Le Procès des clefs (1969), Initiations aux structures de la musique pantonale (3 vols, 1969-75), L'Emploi des accords ascendants par les grands compositeurs (1971), Précis de contrepoint (1972), L'Architecture musicale (1975), and Le Style modal (1975) - have been published by UQTR. In 1977 he founded the Éditions de l'Écureuil noir to ensure the dissemination of his literary and musical works. His collection of scores by Canadian composers, notably several manuscripts by Alphonse Lavallée-Smith, is held at the BN of Q. Chatillon is a contributor to EMC.

A collection of scores once owned by members of the Chatillon family is held at the UQTR library.

See also Octave Chatillon (his greatgrandfather), Édouard Chatillon (his grandfather), and Robert Chatillon (his father).


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