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Jean-Pierre Lefebvre

Lefebvre, Jean-Pierre

 Jean Pierre Lefebvre, filmmaker (b at Montréal 17 Aug 1941). Lefebvre's remarkable films, most made on low budgets, present a singularly personal body of work. His first 3 features, including the magnificent Il ne faut pas mourir pour ça (1967), were made independently, and his work began to attract international attention. In 1967 he joined the NATIONAL FILM BOARD, where he made 2 features and produced the films of a number of young Québec filmmakers. He soon left and formed his own company, Cinak.

Working consistently with his wife, Marguerite Duparc, who edited and produced almost all his work, Lefebvre advanced his humanitarian view of the world in films such as Les Maudits sauvages (1971), Les Dernières Fiançailles (1973), Le Vieux Pays où Rimbaud est mort (1977), Les Fleurs sauvages (1982), Le Jour S ... (1984) and Alfred Laliberté, sculpteur (1987).