Linda Kash

 Linda Kash, actor, writer, director (b at Montréal 17 Jan 1967). Linda Kash is the daughter of opera singer Maureen FORRESTER and musician Eugene KASH. She called many cities home due to her parents' careers, but eventually settled in Toronto, where she got her start in show business with Toronto's famed Second City Comedy Troupe. She quickly achieved an understanding of the finer points of stage production, as both a writer and performer.

It was on the Second City mainstage that she was first noticed when in 1986 she was nominated for a DORA AWARD for best actress in a musical/revue for her roles in both Not Based on Anything by Stephen King and Bordering on Madness. In 1987 she was nominated for a GEMINI AWARD for best performance in a variety program for her work on the Second City production Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and a Baby. Kash actively sought out opportunities to create works that were best suited to her strengths as a performer. In 1991, she co-created along with Debra MCGRATH a comedy series called My Talk Show for a Hollywood-based production company; a typically self-conscious Canadian take on the American television industry, it developed a loyal following until its too-quick demise after just one year. Linda Kash continued to develop her talent as a writer/performer on American and Canadian television with her work on the Emmy-nominated She TV (1994) and Go Girl! (1997).

It was in 1994 that she would inhabit her best-known Canadian role as the Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Angel on a series of lighthearted television commercials about a product that divine beings might be sure to indulge in. These commercials became one of the most successful advertising campaigns in Canadian history, and Kash continues to play her Angel role more than 15 years after its debut.

Linda Kash has made numerous appearances on successful American sitcoms such as Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond and Style & Substance, and in original Canadian programming such as her 2003 Gemini-nominated performance in Rick MERCER's Made in Canada and Ken Finkleman's At the Hotel (2006), for which she won a Gemini for best actress in a guest role. She had a recurring role on the CTV hit comedy Robson Arms as principal Carol Goldstein for 3 seasons, earning a Gemini nomination for best actress in a guest role in 2007. She played Dr. Silverstein in 9 episodes of Less Than Kind in 2008 and appeared in the series Happy Town and Crash & Burn in 2010, as well as onstage in Nora and Delia Ephron's Love, Loss, and What I Wore. She voiced Gina Falcone, youngest daughter of mob-boss in hiding Jimmy Falcone, in the adult animated gangster series Fugget About It (2012).

Linda Kash has taught sketch writing and improvisational performance at Humber College, and remains active in film and television productions.