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Lucien Poirier

Lucien Poirier. Organist, musicologist, teacher, (St-Alphonse-Rodriguez, near Joliette, Que, Nov 29, 1943, - Loretteville, Que, June 7, 1997); BA (Séminaire de Joliette) 1965, premier prix organ (CMM) 1969, L LITT (Strasbourg) 1971, M MUS (Strasbourg) 1972, D MUS (ibid) 1980.

Poirier, Lucien

Lucien Poirier. Organist, musicologist, teacher, (St-Alphonse-Rodriguez, near Joliette, Que, Nov 29, 1943, - Loretteville, Que, June 7, 1997); BA (Séminaire de Joliette) 1965, premier prix organ (CMM) 1969, L LITT (Strasbourg) 1971, M MUS (Strasbourg) 1972, D MUS (ibid) 1980. He began his music studies in 1958 at the Séminaire de Joliette (piano and organ) and continued at the CMM with Bernard Lagacé (organ) and Kenneth Gilbert (harpsichord). The recipient of a grant from the Quebec Ministry of Education, he continued his training in Europe (1969-72) with Eduard Müller at the Basel Schola Cantorum (harpsichord) and Gaston Litaize in Paris (organ). He was the regular organist at the cathedral in St-Jean, Que (1965-69). In 1966 he joined the staff at Laval University, where he began to teach musicology in 1972, and was appointed director of the School of Music in 1991. He also gave courses at other universities. He was an active recitalist and was heard in organ and chamber music broadcasts on CBC radio. As both a musicologist and a performer, Poirier was interested in medieval and renaissance music and in the works of J.S. Bach and his immediate predecessors. He also specialized in the work of the contemporary French composer Georges Migot and, under the aegis of the Association des amis de l'oeuvre et de la pensée de Georges Migot (founded 1976; Poirier was an active member), he made an LP of Migot's organ music (1978, GM 30002). He edited Migot's Second Livre d'orgue (1979) and the former's De christo. He accompanied De christo, a work for choir and organ, when it was broadcast by the CBC Radio Choir in 1981. In the collection Les Orgues anciens du Québec, he recorded (vol V) works by Dandrieu, Sachow (Zachau), Brahms, and Mendelssohn (1979 Alpec A-8103/7-RCI 538).

From 1981 on, his research and publications generally dealt with Canadian music and its history, and that of Quebec in particular. He became a member of the publishing and administrative committees of CMHS in 1982, and in this capacity he edited two anthologies: volume IV, devoted to the organ and volumes VII and XII devoted to songs on French texts. Moreover, the music collection for organ that he directed at Éditions Jacques Ostiguy, comprises 14 books. His greatest contribution, however, is most likely the inventory and study of musical sources in the Quebec press since its founding in 1764; this research was undertaken by a team of students at Laval University under his direction as well as that of Juliette Bourassa-Trépanier. The findings appear in the Répertoire des données musicales de la presse québécoise, the first volume of which was published in Quebec City in 1990. Poirier also contributed to EMC and DCB.

In 1997, the Société québécoise de recherché en musique made him an honorary member and dedicated several issues of its Bulletin to him the following year.

Poirier was the brother of Réjean Poirier. He married the daughter of Jacques LeComte, Louise, a flutist who won the Prix d'Europe in 1969.


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