MacMillan Bloedel Limited

MacMillan Bloedel Limited, with head offices in Vancouver, is Canada's largest forest-products company. It began in 1909 as the Powell River Paper Company Ltd, and it was reorganized as the Powell River Co in 1911. Upon merging in 1960 with MacMillan and Bloedel Ltd (established 1951), its name was changed to MacMillan, Bloedel and Powell River Ltd. The present name was adopted in 1966. Between 1964 and 1980 the company made various acquisitions, mainly of corrugated case, lumber and paper companies. With integrated operations in Canada, the US and overseas, "MacBlo" produces newsprint, paper, lumber, panelboard and containers. It also owns timberland in BC.

In 1995 it had sales of $5.25 billion, assets of $5.27 billion and over 12 800 employees. Noranda Forest, which held 49% of MacMillan Bloedel's shares, sold its ownership in the company in February 1993 through a public share offering. The company's shares are now widely held.