Michel Louvain

Michel Louvain (b Poulin). Singer, b Thetford-Mines, Que, 12 Jul 1937.

Louvain, Michel

Michel Louvain (b Poulin). Singer, b Thetford-Mines, Que, 12 Jul 1937. Taking the pseudonym of an older French-Canadian singer (André Louvain), Michel Louvain became a master of ceremonies and singer when he replaced his brother (who appeared under the name André Roc) at a cabaret in St-Georges de Beauce. He then sang in Sherbrooke and Quebec City. In 1957 he made his TV debut on the CBC's 'Gala des splendeurs' and began recording for Apex. His first 78, 'Buenas noches mi amor,' was a substantial hit and launched his career in a spectacular fashion.

In the next 20 years, thanks to his numerous recordings and to his work as host for a succession of CFTM (Montreal) and CBC TV variety shows, Louvain was one of the reigning matinee idols of Quebec; his success was compared with that of Presley in the USA. His performances attracted mostly young female fans. He first performed in nightclubs, and, when his following grew more mature, in entertainment theaters. In the 1980s, he staged grandiose music-hall shows, with female dancers and scenery, at the PDA and across Quebec, including 'Autour du monde' in 1984.

Louvain has made about 30 LPs, the majority for Apex (which has issued Mes Plus Grands Succès '57-'67, ALF-71592), and the balance for Lero, Ciné, and others. A collection, 21 Disques d'or Michel Louvain, has been issued by the Archives du disque québécois (AQ-21006). His most popular recordings include his versions of 'Sayonara,' 'D'aventure en aventure,' 'Lison,' 'Louise,' 'Lynda,' 'Sylvie,' 'La Dame en bleu,' 'Harmonie,' and 'Un Certain Sourire'.

Further Reading

  • Beaulieu, Pierre. 'Louvain: 22 ans de cote d'amour,' Montreal La Presse, 7 Jul 1979

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