Montréal-Nord, Qué, City, pop 83 600 (2001c), 81 581 (1996c), 85 516 (1991c), area 11.07 km2, inc 1915, is located on Île de Montréal along Rivière des Prairies, surrounded by the cities of Saint-Léonard, Anjou and MONTRÉAL. Largely French-speaking, it is the fifth-largest city in Québec.

Montréal-Nord was created when it was detached from the parish municipality of Sault-aux-Récollets (1855). The area originally covered by Sault-aux-Récollets also included the Montréal districts of Ahuntsic and Saint-Michel, as well as the cities of Saint-Léonard and Anjou.

Montréal-Nord, like many of Montréal's peripheral cities, was to grow dramatically between 1950 and 1976. Before then, growth was slow and rather chaotic. At the end of the Great Depression, Montréal-Nord was almost bankrupt. Things were so bad that the city was placed under provincial trusteeship from 1921 to 1958. Since then, growth and sound management policies, especially under mayor Yves Ryan's administration, have made Montréal-Nord one of the Montréal Urban Community's most respected members.