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Music Diplomas

Diplomas. Documents certifying the successful passing of examinations.

Music Diplomas

Diplomas. Documents certifying the successful passing of examinations. Although the terms certificate, diploma, and degree have similar or related meanings, in music certificates usually are given for achieved grades in performance proficiency below the diploma level; diplomas (most commonly the licentiate, associate, or fellow in English Canada, the premier prix or deuxième prix in French-Canadian conservatories) are given for graduation, as teacher or performer, from the most advanced courses offered or prescribed by applied-music schools or conservatories; and degrees (bachelor, master, doctor) are granted for the successful completion of post-secondary academic programs (or, more rarely, performance programs, following the US system) administered by universities, some colleges, and other such accredited institutions of higher learning (see Degrees). Some universities with developed performance departments offer diplomas as well, eg, the University of Toronto, with its Artist Diploma (performer's) and Licentiate Diploma (teacher's).

In Canada in 1990 the pre-eminent diploma-granting institutions were the AMQ (for Quebec), the RCMT (for all of Canada), and the Western Board (for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta), and all of these toured examiners to hear students prepared by private teachers and non-diploma-granting institutions. The two English institutions which have conducted grade and diploma examinations in Canada - the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (service discontinued in 1953) and the Trinity College of Music, London (still sending examiners in 1990) - also had granted great numbers of diplomas.

The following list provides information on the main diplomas offered in 1990 or formerly in Canada. The date at the beginning of each item is the founding date of the institution. Where possible, dates for the initiation of diplomas and certificates have been supplied. See also Community colleges; Ladies' colleges.

date institution: certificates, diplomas

1813 McGill University: licentiate 1966- ; concert diploma 1966- ; diplôme d'études collégiales (through the Quebec Ministry of Education) 1969-74

- McGill Conservatorium 1904-66: licentiate 1904-55; associate diploma (established 1939, retroactive to 1929) 1929-66

1827 University of Toronto (see 1886 below, Toronto Conservatory of Music): licentiate diploma 1901-21; artist, licentiate diplomas 1952- ; diploma in operatic performance 1970-

1854 Mount Allison Ladies' College; Mount Allison Conservatory of Music 1885-1937; Mount Allison University 1937- : diplomas, first awarded in 1874, in piano, voice, violin; artist's and teacher's diplomas 1892-1937; soloist's diploma 1906-37; honours diploma 1906-37; musical leadership diploma 1934-47; licentiate in music 1937-57; associateship 1947-60

1868 Académie de musique de Québec: certificates, diplomas (lauréat)

1872 Trinity College of Music, London (began sending examiners to Canada in 1887): associate, licentiate, fellowship diplomas

1886 Toronto Conservatory of Music 1886-1947: associate diploma 1886-1947; fellowship diploma 1890-1914; licentiate in performance 1914-47 (TCM grants the University of Toronto licentiate diploma after 1921)

- Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto 1947- : associate diploma 1947- ; licentiate diploma 1947-52; artist's diploma 1947-52 (University of Toronto grants artist and licentiate diplomas after 1952); licentiate, 4-year performance diploma, 2-year artist's diploma 1987- ; resident ARCT honours, artist-teacher licentiate in performance and pedagogy 1988-

1887 Halifax Conservatory 1887-1954: certificates; associate diplomas 1898-1954; Maritime Conservatory of Music 1954- (see also 1934 below, Maritime Academy of Music): associate diploma (performance or teaching)

1888 Toronto College of Music (1888-1917): associate, fellow; post-graduate artist's diploma; teacher's and kindergarten teacher's certificates

1889 Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (sent examiners to Canada 1895-1953): licentiate diploma 1899-1953

1892 London (Ont) Conservatory of Music 1892-1922 (London Institute of Musical Art 1934- ): associate, teacher and fellow diplomas; Western Ontario Conservatory of Music 1934- : associate, licentiate diplomas

1894 Dominion College of Music/Collège de musique Dominion 1894-1940s. Affiliated with Bishop's University: associate, licentiate diplomas

1897 Hamilton Conservatory of Music 1897-1965: associate diplomas; Royal Hamilton College of Music 1965- : associate, licentiate, honorary fellow diplomas

1905 Conservatoire national de musique (affailiated 1921-51 with the University of Montreal): diplomas

1909 Canadian (Guild) College of Organists 1909-59: associate, fellow; Royal Canadian College of Organists 1959- : associate, fellow

1910 Mount Royal College Conservatory of Music: associate, licentiate diplomas 1931-

1911 Canadian Academy of Music 1911-24; associate, licentiate

1911 Hambourg Conservatory 1911-51: certificates and diplomas

1926 École normale de musique 1926-76 (affiliated with University of Montreal 1926-67; UQAM 1969-76): certificates, teaching diplomas (brevet d'enseignement)

1932 École supérieure de musique d'Outremont 1932-51 (affiliated to University of Montreal 1933-68); to U of Sherbrooke 1970-8); École Vincent-d'Indy 1951- : composition diploma (Montreal) 1933-70; artist's diploma (École Vincent-d'Indy) ca 1953-63; concert diploma (D'Indy) 1963-70, (U of Sherbrooke) 1970-9; brevet d'enseignement spécialisé (Quebec Ministry of Education) 1964-73; diplôme d'études collégiales (Quebec Ministry of Education) 1969- ; certificat d'aptitude pédagogique à l'enseignement de la musique (Sherbrooke) 1973-80

1934 Maritime Academy of Music 1934-54: certificates (accompanying, school music); licentiate diploma

1936 Western Board of Music: associate diploma (performance, teaching); licentiate diploma

1937 Bornoff School of Music 1937-49; Konrad Conservatory 1949-62: diplomas first offered in 1941

1942 Conservatoire de musique du Québec: premier prix; deuxième prix; diplôme d'études collégiales

1964 Victoria Conservatory of Music: associate diploma 1978-

1969 Community Music School of Greater Vancouver 1969-79; Vancouver Academy 1979- : diploma (performance) 1980-

For standard abbreviations used for diplomas see EMC List of Abbreviations and articles on individual diploma-granting institutions.