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Peguis, Saulteaux chief (born c 1774 near Sault Ste Marie, ON; died 28 September 1864 at Red River, MB). Chief Peguis was a prominent leader of his people and is well known for signing treaty with Lord Selkirk that allowed European settlers to move into what is now southern Manitoba. Additionally, Peguis and his people aided the Selkirk settlers in moving to the newly formed colony.


Chief Peguis

Chief Peguis was a prominent Saulteaux leader. In 1817, Chief Peguis, along with other Chiefs, signed a treaty with Lord Selkirk that was meant to create peace and allow European settlers to move to areas that include part of what is present day Manitoba. When the European settlers arrived at Red River in 1812, he defended them, showed them how to subsist from the country and later assisted the survivors after the Seven Oaks Incident. Chief Peguis and his wife were baptized by Anglican missionaries in 1840 and took the names William and Victoria King, their children adopting the name of Prince (see also Tommy Prince). Although he remained friendly with European settlers, Chief Peguis later became disillusioned because of trespassing on his reserve and violations of the 1817 Peguis-Selkirk Treaty.

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