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Pelly Crossing

Pelly Crossing, Yukon, settlement, population 353 (2016 census), 336 (2011 census). Pelly Crossing is located 254 km southeast of Dawson City and 273 km north of Whitehorse, on the Pelly River.

History and Economy

Pelly Crossing is one of a number of locations in the area (e.g. Pelly Lakes, Pelly River and others) named by Robert Campbell of the Hudson’s Bay Company for Sir John Henry Pelly, a governor of the HBC. For many years, two traders named Van Bibber and Woolen ran a small trading post and stopping house at Pelly Crossing. The ferry at Pelly Crossing was replaced by a bridge in 1958, but the community has continued to survive by servicing highway travellers. The community also has a nursing station, post office and trading post.