Premiers of New Brunswick

For more information on provincial politics see: New Brunswick.

Premier Party Term
Blaine Higgs Progressive Conservative 2018-present
​Brian Gallant
Liberal 2014-18
​David Alward
Progressive Conservative 2010-14
Shawn Graham Liberal 2006-10
Bernard Lord Conservative 1999-2006
Camille Thériault Liberal 1998-99
Raymond Frenette Liberal 1997-98
Frank McKenna Liberal 1987-97
Richard Hatfield Conservative 1970-87
Louis Robichaud Liberal 1960-70
Hugh John Flemming Conservative 1952-60
John McNair Liberal 1940-52
Allison Dysart Liberal 1935-40
Leonard Tilley Conservative 1933-35
Charles Richards Conservative 1931-33
John Baxter Conservative 1925-31
Peter Veniot Liberal 1923-25
Walter Foster Liberal 1917-23
James Murray Conservative 1917
George Clarke Conservative 1914-17
James Kidd Flemming Conservative 1911-14
John Douglas Hazen Conservative 1908-11
Clifford Robinson Liberal 1907-08
William Pugsley Liberal 1907-07
Lemuel Tweedie Liberal 1900-07
Henry Emmerson Liberal 1897-1900
James Mitchell Liberal 1896-97
Andrew Blair Liberal 1883-96
Daniel Hanington Conservative 1882-83
James Fraser Conservative 1878-82
George King Conservative 1872-78
George Hathaway Conservative 1871-72
George King Conservative 1870-71
Andrew Wetmore Conservative 1867-70

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