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Premiers of Prince Edward Island

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Premier Party Term
Dennis King Progressive Conservative 2019-present
Wade ​MacLauchlan Liberal 2015-19
Robert Ghiz Liberal 2007-15
Pat Binns Conservative 1996-2007
Keith Milligan Liberal 1996
Catherine Callbeck Liberal 1993-96
Joseph A. Ghiz Liberal 1986-93
James M. Lee Conservative 1981-86
J. Angus MacLean Conservative 1979-81
W. Bennett Campbell Liberal 1978-79
Alexander B. Campbell Liberal 1966-78
Walter R. Shaw Conservative 1959-66
Alexander W. Matheson Liberal 1953-59
J. Walter Jones Liberal 1943-53
Thane A. Campbell Liberal 1936-43
Walter M. Lea Liberal 1935-36
William J.P. MacMillan Conservative 1933-35
James D. Stewart Conservative 1931-33
Walter M. Lea Liberal 1930-31
Albert C. Saunders Liberal 1927-30
James D. Stewart Conservative 1923-27
John H. Bell Liberal 1919-23
Aubin E. Arsenault Conservative 1917-19
John A. Mathieson Conservative 1911-17
James Palmer Liberal 1911
Francis L. Haszard Liberal 1908-11
Arthur Peters Liberal 1901-08
Donald Farquharson Liberal 1898-1901
Alexander B. Warburton Liberal 1897-98
Frederick Peters Liberal 1891-97
Neil McLeod Conservative 1889-91
W.W. Sullivan Conservative 1879-89
Louis Henry Davies Coalition 1876-79
Lemuel C. Owen Conservative 1873-76
James C. Pope Conservative 1873