Pugwash, NS, incorporated as a village in 1948, population 744 (2011c), 784 (2006c). Pugwash is located 65 km northwest of TRURO, at the mouth of the Pugwash River. It takes its name from the Mikmaq Pagweak ("shallow water" or "shoal"). Cyrus EATON, multimillionaire industrialist and humanitarian, opened his summer home here for a "Thinkers' Conference" - the first in 1957 - where statesmen, scientists, philosophers and businessmen could discuss issues of world concern. These successful international meetings, known as "Pugwash Conferences," have since been held around the world.

Famous as well is its annual Gathering of the Clans; many of the street signs in Pugwash are bilingual - English and Gaelic. Shipbuilding and fishing were major industries in the 19th century but they dwindled with the advent of the steamship and railway. A vast salt mine, opened 1959, is a major employer. Today Pugwash also supports a commercial lobster fishery as well as numerous businesses and artisans, in particular those working in pewter.