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Reynald Bouchard

​Reynald Bouchard, actor, director, playwright, poet and storyteller (born in 1945 at Sainte- Coeur-de-Marie, QC; died 9 August 2009 at Montréal, QC).
Reynald Bouchard
\u00a9 Marie-Josée Hudon. All portraits reproduced are the property of the artist. Courtesy: Musée des Grands Québecois.

Reynald Bouchard, actor, director, playwright, poet and storyteller (born in 1945 at Sainte- Coeur-de-Marie, QC; died 9 August 2009 at Montréal, QC). A man of the theatre and designer of artistic events, Bouchard pursued the idea of fascinating his audiences with wonder.


Reynald Bouchard began his training as an actor at the Conservatoire d’arts dramatiques de Montréal, graduating in 1969. Fascinated by circus arts, he made his debut on stage in the prestigious revue Paris la fête (1978). He wrote a one man show for the Centaur Theatre (an anglophone theatre located in Old Montréal), entitled Reynald Bouchard, mon père et moi, which was thereafter taken to the Café de la Place des Arts and toured across Québec from 1987 to 1990.

In pursuing a life on the stage, Bouchard perfected his art through courses in performance, improvisation, theatrical and storytelling techniques and through workshops for professional actors. In 1991, he founded L'Auguste théâtre, which he directed for 10 years, and from 1995 to 1998, he organized the event La cabane magique.

His creative adventure became a winter festival called Noël dans le parc, an artistic concept that merges urban architecture, theatre and music from various cultures and repertoires, including classical, popular and traditional music. In creating this event, Bouchard wants Montréalers to discover, or rediscover, the magic of Christmas. To that end, he staged a fantasy filled frenzy that recalls horse-drawn carriages, midnight mass and New Year’s Eve in Québec.

Cinema and Television

In addition to his theatrical endeavours, Bouchard used his talents in the world of film. One of his most notable performances is certainly Roch le boiteux in Gilles Carle’s, La vraie nature de Bernadette (1972). More recently, he played Fournier in Charles Binamé’s ,Un homme et son pêché (2002), and the father of André Fortin, lead singer of the group The Colocs in Dédé à travers les brumes (2008), a film by Jean-Philippe Duval. In 1999, he also appeared alongside Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche in La veuve de Saint-Pierre by French director Patrice Leconte.

In television, he appeared in Les filles de Caleb (based on the Arlette Cousture novel) by Jean Beaudoin, Les héritiers Duval by Pierre-Jean Duval Cuillerier and in a show that for many years typified the youth of Québec, Watatatow.


Reynald Bouchard authored several plays in which he often held roles: Chants à la chandelle, Le monde de Jos Bello, Pour rejoindre celle qu’il aime il creuse un tunnel jusqu’en Chine and Le cri d’un clown. He has also published, at Éditions Triptyques, two poetry collections: La poétite (1981) and Chant d’amour au présent (1995).


Also known as Reynald Sapin, Bouchard died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 63 years in 2009. A great actor and storyteller, he was the partner of the famous dancer Louise Lecavalier and father of film director Myriam Bouchard, born from a previous union. His face, his talent and his presence is still felt in the collective memory of Québec.


Prix Gémeaux du meilleur animateur-jeunesse (Hibou, Chou, Genou!), 1988.

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