Rosemère, Qué, City, pop 14 173 (2006c), 13 391 (2001c), inc 1958. Rosemère is located on the south bank of the Rivière des Mille Îles across from LAVAL. Two theories exist as to the origin of Rosemère's name. The first is that it received the name "rose" due to the abundance of wild rose bushes in the vicinity. The suffix mere, an old Anglo-Saxon term meaning "salt marsh," was then added to the word "rose." Name origin could also be attributed to the proximity of Sainte-Rose on the opposite bank.

In 1880, Rosemère was primarily an agricultural community. The beauty of the Laurentides region was later discovered and Rosemère established itself as a holiday destination. It is now a residential city acting as a suburb of Montréal for families looking for reasonable housing and proximity to green spaces. The economy is very stable and is exclusively commercial. Rosemère's ice arena is a training center for many NHL players.