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Sainte-Scholastique, Quebec, incorporated as a parish in 1834, population 1,618 (2019). The village of Sainte-Scholastique ceased to exist when the land was expropriated in 1969 for the construction of Montreal-Mirabel International Airport. It then became part of the new city of Mirabel.


The former agricultural village of Sainte-Scholastique was situated northwest of Montreal. The village was the administrative town in the Terrebonne judicial district in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Several famous trials were held in its courthouse.

A few kilometres south of the village on the Belle Rivière, four windmills long dominated communal life. One of the windmills was built in 1804 alongside the old Sulpician Manor de Belle-Rivière.

In 1969, the expropriation of much of the village of Sainte-Scholastique disrupted local residents’ lives. Part of the land was used to build a massive new airport: the Montreal-Mirabel International Airport. In 1971, Sainte-Scholastique merged with nearby municipalities. The city was then renamed to In 2019, around 1,618 residents still lived in the area of Sainte-Scholastique.