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Terence Bailey

Terence (William) Bailey. Musicologist, b Toronto 12 Jul 1937; B MUS (Toronto) 1958, MFA (Princeton) 1960, PH D (Washington) 1968.

Bailey, Terence

Terence (William) Bailey. Musicologist, b Toronto 12 Jul 1937; B MUS (Toronto) 1958, MFA (Princeton) 1960, PH D (Washington) 1968. As a student he received a Woodrow Wilson fellowship in 1958 and a Canada Council pre-doctoral fellowship for the years 1961-3, which he applied to studies at Oxford University. He played clarinet in CBC studio orchestras in 1962 and with the Regina Symphony Orchestra 1963-4. A specialist in early music of the Western world, especially Gregorian chant, Bailey taught 1963-4 at the University of Saskatchewan and 1964-74 at the University of British Columbia. He served 1969-71 as secretary of CAUSM and 1971-3 as editor of the CAUSM Journal. In 1974 he joined the Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario, where he remained in 2003. He edited 1976-9 the journal Studies in Music from the University of Western Ontario. He became a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1984.

Bailey served 1989-96 on the advisory board of the Cantus database of Latin ecclesiastical chant. In 1997 he took over the directorship of the database on a grant from SSHRC, and engineered the project's transfer to the University of Western Ontario. He was a contributor to both EMC and New Grove.


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