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A History of Multiculturalism in Canada

This education guide examines some key moments and figures in our history as part of an introduction to multiculturalism in Canada. By learning the history of how multiculturalism has grown and been treated in Canada, we can better understand our society today.



Hundreds of Indigenous nations and cultures had long since been interacting and flourishing on the continent by the time European explorers first set foot in what we now call Canada. In the centuries since, settlers and immigrants from around the world have found a home in the land that is now Canada. As racist barriers to immigration have been dismantled, the population has become increasingly diverse. Today, cultures from every corner of the world share in creating Canada’s history and culture; the fabric of our society. Though the history of multiculturalism in Canada stretches back much farther than many realize, it has by no means been an easy road. As with most of Canada’s history, the story of multiculturalism in this country is complex, and still evolving.

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