Parrot, Jean-Claude

Jean-Claude Parrot, trade union leader (b at Montréal, Qué 24 July 1936). He was the longtime leader of the militant, 23 000-member-strong Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). As chief union negotiator (since 1975) and union president (since 1977) Parrot, a former postal clerk who began his post office career in Montréal in 1954, has led CUPW through contentious contract negotiations and long national strikes.

Under his leadership CUPW became the vanguard union in labour's attempts to wring concessions from employers. A tireless worker for his members, he has won impressive collective agreements which have included paid maternity leave for female CUPW members and wage parity for part-time workers. Many of these victories became negotiation goals and then victories for other unions.

He first received public attention in 1975 when CUPW's demand for a 71% wage increase led to a 43-day national strike. Three years later, he was jailed for 2 months when he defied back to work legislation. In Oct 1987 Parrot was again in the spotlight when inside postal workers were legislated back to work. Parrot resigned his position with CUPW in 1992 when he was elected VP of the Canadian Labour Congress.