Charlotte Mount Brock Schreiber, née Morrell, painter (b at Woodham, Eng 1834; d at Paignton, Eng 1922). Schreiber was the only female charter member of the ROYAL CANADIAN ACADEMY in 1880 and was the only woman elected full academician until 1933. She studied in London, Eng, and exhibited at the Paris Salon and at the Royal Academy, London. She moved to Toronto in 1875 when she married Weymouth Schreiber. She painted figures, landscapes and genre in a sentimental Victorian manner. The Croppy Boy, oil on canvas, was her RCA diploma piece and she exhibited regularly at the RCA until her return to England in 1898. She was one of the first female book illustrators in Canada and 3 children's books with Schreiber illustrations were published in Toronto. She was the sole woman on the board of the Ontario School of Art and Design (later Ontario College of Art and Design). Ernest Thompson SETON was her protégé.