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Christmas Music

Of all Christmas music Handel's Messiah has been the major work most frequently performed during the Christmas season across Canada.

Christmas Music

Christmas Caroling
Caroling at the Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island, BC (photo by Kevin Oke).\r\n
Of all Christmas music Handel's Messiah has been the major work most frequently performed during the Christmas season across Canada. Christmas portions of Messiah were performed as early as 30 Dec 1793 at Quebec, though the complete oratorio probably was not given until 1857 in Quebec City and Toronto. In 1645, nearly 100 years before Messiah was premiered in Dublin, the Noël 'Chantons tous à la naissance' ('Chantons Noél') was sung at Midnight Mass in New France. Erich Schwandt has transcribed an anonymous Christmas motet 'Magnus Dominus' that was composed or at least known in Quebec about 1700 for four-part mixed chorus with soprano and bass solos (Jeu Editions 1979). An 18th-century manuscript at the AN du Q in Montreal, probably in the handwriting of Jean Girard, inspected by Élisabeth Gallat-Morin (see Bibliography), includes 5 carols: 'Quelle réjouissance,' 'Grand Dieu que de merveilles,' 'Ça bergers,' 'Dans cette étable,' and 'Cher enfant qui vient de naître'.

'Ça bergers' and several other carols of French origin, such as 'Les Anges dans nos campagnes' continue to be sung widely, particularly as harmonized for SATB and organ by Ernest Gagnon in his Cantiques populaire pour le Fête de Noël (Boucher 1922). Of composed Christmas songs the most popular in Quebec has been Adolphe Adam's 'Minuit, chrétiens,' also known as 'Cantique de Noël' or simply 'Noël' (and in English as 'O Holy Night'). Gagnon heard it in 1857 at the church of Saint-Roch in Paris and claims to have introduced it to Quebec the following year. It has become a custom in Quebec to have it sung (preferably by a tenor) on the stroke of midnight, just before the Midnight Mass. Its enduring popularity is confirmed by the large number of recordings made over the years by such Canadian singers as Johanne Blouin, Louis Chartier, Émile Gour, Richard Huet, Raoul Jobin, Evan Joaness, Arthur Lapierre, J.-M. Magnan, Rodolphe Plamondon, Albert Quesnel, Joseph Saucier, René Simard, Paul Trépanier, and Richard Verreau. Also widely popular in Quebec is Gounod's 'Jésus de Nazareth'. (A detailed study of carols and other Christmas music sung in French Canada throughout the centuries has been made by Ernest Myrand.)

Of Christmas music written in Canada probably the most ancient is the so-called Huron Carol ('Jesous Ahatonhia') attributed to Jean de Brébeuf. There is conjecture that the motets sung at Midnight Mass in 1642 at Quebec City were composed in Canada by René Ménard, but this cannot be proved (see Amtmann Music in Canada). The earliest Canadian carol to be published was probably J.P. Clarke's 'A Canadian Christmas Carol,' in the Anglo-Canadian Magazine, January 1853. In Nova Scotia the early English settlers created variants of older English carols, such as 'The Seven Joys of Mary' and 'The Cherry Tree Carol' (the tune of the latter being different from that used in England). Despite these early efforts by Canadians traditional carols and songs from the old countries continued to dominate.

Large-scale Christmas works began to appear in the latter half of the 19th century. In Montreal various messes de Noël were written - notably those of Joseph-Julien Perrault and Romain-Octave Pelletier. Perrault's Messe de Noël: 'Deo infanti,' his most popular work, incorporates 15 traditional carols. The Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei were written 1859-60, the Credo and Magnificat in 1865 for a Christmas performance at Notre-Dame Church. The mass was published posthumously in 1870. The Pelletier mass did not survive, but his Quatre Noëls anciens (1893) were printed. Among those who composed messes de Noël in the 20th century were J.-Antonio Thompson and Alexandre d'Aragon. Clarence Lucas composed a cantata, The Birth of Christ, and Arthur Poynter a full-length sacred opera, The Birth of Our Lord. Geoffrey O'Hara's operetta The Christmas Thieves (1943) was published by Gamble Hinged. A short Christmas opera, Clifford Crawley'sThe Slaughter of the Innocents, appeared in 1974. Godfrey Ridout's Christmas TV opera, The Lost Child, was telecast by the CBC in 1976.

Other significant Christmas works with orchestral accompaniment include Violet Archer's Cantata sacra (Christmas portions), Keith Bissell's Great Little One, Graham George's Hymn for Christmas Day, Frederick Schipizky's Quiet Eve, Nancy Telfer's A Child's Christmas in Wales, and Robert Turner's Johann's Gift to Christmas. Of the Christmas cantatas for choir and organ Healey Willan's Mystery of Bethlehem is performed widely, and there are similar works by Keith Bissell, F.R.C. Clarke, Albert Ham, and Charles Wilson. Also noteworthy is Paul-Émile McCaughan's motet Hodie Christus natus est (1949) for choir and organ.

Works requiring voices and small instrumental ensembles include Wolfgang Bottenberg's Eine Weihnachtliche Hausmusik, Derek Holman's Sir Christemas, Sir Ernest MacMillan's Two Christmas Carols, David Ouchterlony's Carol Cantata, Eric Robertson's Fanfares and Carols, R. Murray Schafer's City of Bethlehem, Harry Somers' Gloria, and Ruth Watson Henderson's Christmas cantata The Last Straw. Outstanding in the field of writing for unaccompanied voices, Healey Willan's work ranges from his Missae brevi No. 4 and 12 (both based on Christmas plainsongs) through motets and anthems (eg, 'Hodie Christus natus est' and 'Here Are We in Bethlehem') to arrangements of traditional carols (eg, his popular setting of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'). Christmas anthems, carols, motets, and arrangements by other composers are too numerous to mention, but specimens of high calibre have been written by W.H. Anderson, Hugh Bancroft, Louis Bédard, Leslie Bell, W.H. Belyea, Keith Bissell, Barbara Cass-Beggs, Claude Champagne, Clifford Crawley, Maurice Dela, S.C. Eckhardt-Gramatté, William France, Robert Fleming, Ernest Gagnon, James Gayfer, Graham George, Eugene Hill, Derek Healey, Sydney Hodkinson, Derek Holman, Talivaldis Kenins, Ada Twohy Kent, Alfred Kunz, Lucienne Lafleur, Eugene Lapierre, Roméo Larivière, Walter MacNutt, Kenneth Meek, Alfred Mignault, Bernard Naylor, Godfrey Ridout, Bertha Tamblyn, Nancy Telfer, Ruth Watson Henderson, and Alfred Whitehead. Udo Kasemets' Choreolae gaudia contains settings outside the usual 'church' style.

Canadian composers have not overlooked the Christmas season in the realm of purely instrumental music. For orchestra there are works such as Wolfgang Bottenberg's Suite of Carols, F.R.C. Clarke's Pastorale and Fugue on Puer nobis, Jean Coulthard's The Bird of Dawning Singeth All Night Long and Canadian Fantasy (partially based on the Huron Carol), Clifford Crawley's Koleda: A Christmas Overture, Sir Ernest MacMillan's Medley of Carols, and Glen Morley's Christmas Overture. For organ there are numerous preludes based on Christmas tunes: Healey Willan's preludes on 'Puer nobis' and 'Quem pastores' are played frequently, and others of good quality have been written by John Cook, George Coutts, Marvin Duchow, Arthur Egerton, Walter MacNutt, Kenneth Meek, Eric Rollinson, and Alfred Whitehead. J. Sproule has produced a collection of Christmas music arranged for lute (The John T. Sproule Christmas Lute Book, Toronto 1989) and Liona Boyd has published A Guitar for Christmas.(Hal Leonard 1986) to accompany her record album of the same name. Ward Music in Vancouver has published brass arrangements by Keith Snell, Steve Tyler, and others as part of their Touch of Brass. Brassworks Music and Gordon V Thompson in Toronto have also published brass arrangements by Howard Cable, Don Gillis, Arthur Frackenpohl and others. Jean Patenaude has arranged 8 Noëls for saxophone quartet (Albani 1978).

Canadian pop music artists have made Christmas recordings featuring both traditional songs and their own compositions. Folios of Christmas music have also been published, often in conjunction with albums, eg, by Raffi (The Raffi Christmas Treasury, Crown 1988) Frank Mills (Frank Mills Christmas Album, Music Box Dancer 1982), Anne Murray (Christmas Wishes, Columbia 1982), and Richard Verreau (Chantons Noël, 1987). Many charitable organizations, together with artists and radio stations in regions across the country, have released Christmas recordings. Songs with Christmas themes have often appeared on non-Christmas albums or on singles such as The Band's 'Christmas Must Be Tonight,' Joni Mitchell's 'River,' Bryan Adams' 'Christmas Time,' Corey Hart's 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' and the Payola$' 'Christmas Is Coming'. Canadian novelty Christmas songs include 'Honky the Christmas Goose,' written by Chip Young and Orville Hoover and recorded by Johnny Bower, Bob and Doug McKenzie's interpretation of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas,' and the Rovers' version of 'Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer'.

See also 'Jesous Ahatonia,' and Cantique


Christmas Music by Canadian Composers
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Christmas Music Recorded by Canadians A-F

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Christmas Music Recorded by Canadians M-R-

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René Simard. See also Nathalie Simard and Les Disciples de Massenet

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Paul Trépanier. See Ensemble vocal Polymnie

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Christmas Music Recorded by Canadians V-Z-

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