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Knowlton Nash

Cyril Knowlton Nash, journalist, broadcasting executive (born 18 November 1927 in Toronto, ON; died 24 May 2014 in Toronto).

Cyril Knowlton Nash, journalist, broadcasting executive (born 18 November 1927 in Toronto, Ontario; died 24 May 2014 in Toronto, Ontario). Knowlton Nash was educated at the University of Toronto. After a few years as a teenaged sportswriter and pulp fiction editor in Toronto, Nash achieved professional credentials as a journalist when he went to work as a reporter for the Globe and Mail. In 1947 he was named British United Press Service bureau manager. Financial security and the opportunity for travel came 1951-58, when he was director of information for the International Federation of Agricultural Producers, based in Washington and began writing for the Windsor Star, Financial Post, and Vancouver Sun. From 1958 to 1969, as a freelance writer-broadcaster in Washington, he reported the tumultuous events of the Kennedy-Johnson administrations for the CBC and a number of Canadian newspapers.

In 1969, tempted by the opportunity to help reform the corporation's public affairs programming, Nash accepted the position of director of television information programs on the CBC. From 1978 to 1988 he was the CBC's chief correspondent and anchor on The National. He remained with the network as senior correspondent.

Nash began writing in the 1980s and published several volumes documenting his experiences as a newsman. Among them are History on the Run (1984), Prime Time at Ten: Behind the Camera Battles of Canadian TV Journalism (1987), Kennedy and Diefenbaker (1990) and a history of the CBC published in 1994, The Microphone Wars. Nash was made an Officer in the Order of Canada in 1989.

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