Waterston, Elizabeth Hillman

Elizabeth Hillman Waterston, teacher, critic, editor ( b in Montréal 18 April 1922). Educated at Bryn Mawr College (MA) and the University of Toronto (BA and PhD), she was a member of the Department of English at Sir George Williams College (1945-58), the University of Western Ontario (1958-67), and the University of Guelph (1967-87), where she was chair from 1974-77 and is now Professor Emeritus. A founding member of the Association of Canadian University Teachers of English and of the Association for Canadian and Québec Literatures, she was also the founding editor of Canadian Children's Literature and was the president of the Humanities Association of Canada from 1977-79.

Elizabeth Waterston is the author of numerous works, among them Survey: A Short History of Canadian Literature (1973), Gilbert Parker (1989) and Children's Literature in Canada (1992). Widely known and respected for her work as editor and critic, she is, with Mary Rubio, co-editor of the 3-volume Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery (1985, 1987, 1992) and co-author of Writing a Life: L.M. Montgomery (1994). With Carrie Macmillan and Lorraine McMullen, she is co-author of Silenced Sextet: Six 19th Century Women Novelists (1993).