Hind, Ella Cora

 Ella Cora Hind, journalist, women's rights activist (b at Toronto 18 Sept 1861; d at Winnipeg 6 Oct 1942). Denied a position on the Free Press upon arriving in Winnipeg in 1882, Hind learned to use the recently introduced typewriter and worked as a secretary, in 1897, becoming a public stenographer even while submitting articles on agriculture. She became agricultural editor of the Free Press in 1901, often accurately predicting the western Canadian wheat crop yield, thus achieving renown among grain speculators. The first western female journalist, Hind became president of the Canadian Women's Press Club in 1904. In 1914 she participated in Manitoba's Mock Parliament, in which women sardonically defeated a motion to permit men the vote. Often rebuffed because of her gender, she agitated for WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE, a concern she combined with interest in the WOMAN'S CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION. At 75 she travelled around the world to observe agricultural methods, writing Seeing for Myself (1937). She was awarded an honorary LLD by U Man.