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Ephrem A. Brisebois

Ephrem A. Brisebois, soldier, mounted policeman, registrar of land titles (b at South Durham, Qué 7 Mar 1850; d at Minnedosa, Man 13 Feb 1890).
Ephrem A. Brisebois

He served briefly in the Union Army during the American Civil War, and from 1868-70 with the Canadian Pontifical Zouaves in Rome. In 1873 Brisebois was appointed an officer in the newly organized NWMP. Two years later a troop of NWMP under his command was sent to establish a post at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow rivers.

In defiance of his superiors, who designated the new post "Fort Calgary," Brisebois persisted in naming it after himself, "Fort Brisebois." Already considered unfit to command his men, his continued insubordination led to his resignation from the NWMP August 1876. Well educated, a devout Catholic and an active Conservative Party supporter, Brisebois was registrar of land titles in Minnedosa 1880-89. During the North-West Resistance he served with the 65th Mount Royal Rifles.