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First Nations on Prince Edward Island

There are two First Nations on Prince Edward Island. First Nation is one of three groupings of Indigenous people in Canada, the other two being Métis and Inuit. Unlike Métis and Inuit, most First Nations hold reserve lands, and members of a First Nation may live both on and off these reserves (see also Reserves on Prince Edward Island). While the term First Nation can describe a large ethnic grouping (e.g. the Mi’kmaq Nation), in other cases it is synonymous with the term band, a word originally chosen by the federal government and used in the Indian Act. The word band describes smaller communities, such as the ones listed below. Many First Nations prefer the term First Nation over band. In terms of larger ethnic groupings, First Nations on Prince Edward Island are Mi’kmaq.

Each point on this map represents the location of a First Nation’s administrative office. For a map of the reserves these First Nations hold, see Reserves on Prince Edward Island.
(map by The Canadian Encyclopedia, data courtesy Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada and licensed under Open Government Licence-Canada)

First Nations on Prince Edward Island

  • Abegweit First Nation
  • Lennox Island First Nation