Frederick A. Hall

Frederick A. (Albert) Hall. Musicologist, teacher, b Niagara-on-the-Lake 2 Jul 1944; Associate in music (McGill) 1966, B MUS (McGill) 1969, MA (Toronto) 1970, PH D (Toronto) 1978.

Hall, Frederick A.

Frederick A. (Albert) Hall. Musicologist, teacher, b Niagara-on-the-Lake 2 Jul 1944; Associate in music (McGill) 1966, B MUS (McGill) 1969, MA (Toronto) 1970, PH D (Toronto) 1978. He studied piano with Earle Moss in Toronto and Lubka Kolessa in Montreal, and organ with Eric Dowling in St Catharines, Ont and Raymond Daveluy in Montreal. He taught at the University of Windsor and University of Toronto 1972-3, and joined the staff of McMaster University in 1972. He was chairman of its Dept of Music 1980-6, director of graduate studies in music 1986-8 and became associate dean of humanities (studies) in 1988. His doctoral dissertation was 'The polyphonic Italian madrigal: 1638-1745'. A specialist in the history of music in Ontario and the Maritimes, Hall has written for periodicals, The Canadian Encyclopedia and EMC. A co-founder of CMHS, he has edited two of its song volumes. A long range project is his compilation of a source book of musical Canadiana, gathering documentary evidence to the year 1866. His wife is the musicologist Sharyn Lea Hall, b Windsor, Ont, 18 Jun 1946. She studied piano and musicology, and completed a PH D in musicology at the University of Toronto in 1980 with a thesis titled 'English dialogue opera: 1762-1796'. She began to lecture part-time at McMaster University since 1975 and has presented papers on 18th-century opera.


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