Malcolm Frederick Norris, Métis leader (b at St Albert, Alta 25 May 1900; d at Calgary 5 Dec 1967). Widely recognized as one of this century's most important and charismatic Métis leaders, Norris was born into one of Edmonton's founding families but rejected privilege to fight racial discrimination. A brilliant orator in English and Cree and a consummate Métis politician, he was a key figure in the Association des Métis d'Alberta et des Territoires du Nord Ouest, the Indian Association of Alberta and the Métis Association of Saskatchewan. Outspoken on behalf of Indigenous and Métis peoples, he was active in the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and in the Communist Party, promoting reforms for Indigenous people. A tireless and militant democrat and protagonist in many battles with government, he warned Indigenous leaders to avoid the dependency of government funding, a warning today regarded as prophetic.