Montmagny, Qué, City, pop 11 353 (2006c), 11 654 (2001c), inc 1845. Montmagny is located on the South Shore of the St Lawrence River, 50 km downriver from Québec City at the junction of the St-Nicholas River and the Rivière du Sud. In a very picturesque setting, Montmagny is a port and manufacturing centre producing such goods as household appliances and wood products. It is well served by highway, rail and ferry transportation. The city is named for Charles Huault, Sieur de MONTMAGNY, the second governor of New France.

Jacques CARTIER passed Montmagny and its many offshore islands in 1535 and noted its beautiful surroundings. In 1646 a seigneury containing the area was granted to Huault, although permanent European habitation did not begin until the 1670s. Montmagny was a thriving pulp and paper centre at the time of its official founding, although this and the river transportation industries were severely affected by the Great Depression. Recently, the tourist industry has grown in importance.