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New Liskeard

New Liskeard, ON, unincorporated place, population 4,232 (2021 census), 4,444 (2016 census). New Liskeard is located on the northwestern end of Lake Timiskaming, 157 km northwest of North Bay. Incorporated as a town in 1903, it merged with the town of Haileybury and Dymond Township (incorporated 1901) to create the City of Temiskaming Shores in 2004.


Located at the mouth of Wabi Creek, the history of this farming community dates back to 1893 when the Ontario government first opened the area to settlement. The agricultural potential of the Little Clay Belt, a 56-km strip of land stretching to the northwest, quickly attracted farmers from elsewhere in the province. First known as Liskeard (after Liskeard, England), the name was changed by postal authorities to New Liskeard to avoid confusion with Leskard in Durham County.

By 1896, New Liskeard was a thriving village. Its role as service centre to the surrounding farming community was furthered when the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway arrived in 1905. Its growth has been shaped by the varying fortunes of agriculture.

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