Laporte, Pierre

Pierre Laporte, politician (b at Montréal 25 Feb 1921; d there 17 Oct 1970). Kidnapped by the FRONT DE LIBÉRATION DU QUÉBEC on 10 October 1970, he was killed on October 17 and his body was found in St-Hubert, Qué. Originally a journalist and parliamentary correspondent for Le Devoir, 1945-61, he was one of Premier Maurice DUPLESSIS's fiercest opponents.

He was elected Liberal member for Chambly in a 1961 by-election and served as minister of municipal affairs 1962-66 and cultural affairs 1964-66 during the Jean LESAGE administration. Defeated as a candidate for the Québec Liberal Party leadership in 1970, he held the posts of minister of immigration and of manpower and labour in Robert BOURASSA's government until his death. His murder intensified the OCTOBER CRISIS, occurring a day after the federal government applied the WAR MEASURES ACT.