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Rika Maniates

Maria Rika Maniates. Musicologist, born Toronto 30 Mar 1937, died there 20 Oct 2011; ARCT 1958, BA (Toronto) 1960, MA (Columbia) 1962, PH D (Columbia) 1965.

Rika Maniates

Maria Rika Maniates. Musicologist, born Toronto 30 Mar 1937, died there 20 Oct 2011; ARCT 1958, BA (Toronto) 1960, MA (Columbia) 1962, PH D (Columbia) 1965. She studied piano 1940-58 with Margaret Butler and Marian Grudeff at the RCMT and musicology subsequently with Harvey Olnick at the University of Toronto and with Paul Henry Lang, Erich Hertzmann, Albert Hofstadter, Edward Lippman, and Walter Wiora at Columbia University. During her student years she was the recipient of many scholarships and awards, including a Canada Council fellowship (1962-4) and the Rockefeller Grant in Musicology (1964-5).

In 1965 Maniates joined the staff of the University of Toronto. She taught in both the Faculty of Music and the Faculty of Arts and Science. Her positions in the former included those of director of the Early Music Group (1965-7) and chair of the department of history and literature of music (1973-8). She was named a Fellow of Victoria College, University of Toronto, in 1979, and contributed to the direction of the college's renaissance studies program and its Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies. Appointed to the School of Graduate Studies in 1966, Maniates served as academic secretary of the graduate department of music (1968-9 and 1972-3), and held cross-appointments to the Centre for Study of Drama and the Centre for Medieval Studies. She was a visiting professor at Columbia University (summer 1967 and winter 1976). From 1990-91 she was associate dean of humanities at University of Toronto, and from 1991-92, assistant dean. She was vice-dean of graduate studies there 1991-93 and 1995, and acting chair of the graduate department of music, 1992. Upon her retirement in 1995, she became professor emerita.

In papers delivered in Canada, the USA, and abroad, and in her publications, Maniates examined music within the context of the history of ideas, philosophy, and aesthetics. A specialist in renaissance music and music theory, she focused on mannerism in music and, during the 1980s, turned her attention to the controversies among major music theorists of the 16th century. Her research was supported by SSHRCC and she received the Connaught Senior Fellowship in the Humanities (1982-3) and the ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award for Excellence (1985). Maniates was associate editor of Current Musicology (1963-4) and Renaissance and Reformation (1970-2), and served on the editorial board of CUMR (1982-9 and 1992-94). She worked on the councils of the American Musicological Society, International Musicological Society, Renaissance Society of America, Toronto Renaissance and Reformation Colloquium (president 1969-70), and was the IMS delegate on the governing council of the International Music Council in 1975. As a consultant, she assisted such organizations as the CBC and the Ontario Council for the Arts. After retirement, Maniates published (among other works) the first English edition of Nicola Vicentino's 1555 text, Ancient Music Adapted to Modern Practice.


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