Teslin, Yukon, incorporated as a village in 1984, population 122 (2011c), 141 (2006c). The Village of Teslin is located on Teslin Lake at the mouth of the Nisutlin River, and on the ALASKA HIGHWAY, 183 km by road southeast of Whitehorse.


First settled by the Tlingit, the first whites to see the lake arrived in the 1870s and its tributaries were prospected in the following decade. During the great KLONDIKE GOLD RUSH (1897-98), the lake was part of an all-Canadian route to the Klondike and a few temporary settlements were established at its southern end in BC. Tom Smith opened a trading post at the mouth of the Nisutlin in 1903 but sold it soon afterward. The Whitehorse firm of Taylor and Drury operated it until 1955.

Present Day
Today the majority of the population is Tlingit. The village has a landing strip and is a service centre for travellers on the Alaska Highway. Its name is derived from the Tlingit expression for "long narrow water" in reference to the lake.