Treasury Board

The Treasury Board, the only statutory committee of CABINET (thus formally a PRIVY COUNCIL committee), was created in 1867. The president of the Treasury Board chairs a board which comprises the finance minister and 4 other ministers appointed by the governor-in-council. The board is served by a CENTRAL AGENCY, the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS), under the direction of the President, its ministerial head. The TBS is responsible for preparing recommendations to Cabinet on the selection of programs and appropriate allocation of funds; administrative policy for financial management in the public administration and for matters related to personnel, office space, supply and contracts for service; and government negotiations in COLLECTIVE BARGAINING arrangements with PUBLIC SERVICE unions and associations. In 1978 the addition of the office of comptroller general, with special responsibility for upgrading the quality of financial administration and program evaluation, enlarged the board's role as controller of the expenditure budget.