United Automobile Workers of Canada

United Automobile Workers of Canada Founded in 1937 as an affiliate of the UAW in the US, it won its first major victory in the famous OSHAWA STRIKE of 1937 and went on to become one of Canada's largest and most dynamic unions. Its leaders since 1937, Charles H. MILLARD, George BURT, Dennis MCDERMOTT and Bob WHITE, have consistently been among the most influential in the country, while its achievements for Canadian workers - the RAND FORMULA, guaranteed annual wage, health and safety standards, legal and medical clinics - were monumental collective-bargaining breakthroughs. No Canadian union was more unswerving in its support of the NDP and more generous in its support of progressive causes and movements. In 1986, dismayed by the actions and attitude of its parent organization in Detroit, Mich, the Canadian UAW, under the spirited leadership of Bob White, seceded and created the Canadian Auto Workers Union of Canada.