Sir Mackenzie Bowell, prime minister of Canada, 1894-96 (b at Rickinghall, Eng 27 Dec 1823; d at Belleville, Ont 10 Dec 1917). Editor and owner of the Belleville Intelligencer and an active Orangeman, Bowell was first elected as a Conservative to the House of Commons in 1867, representing North Hastings until 1892 when he became a senator, retiring finally in 1906.

Bowell held several important Cabinet portfolios before he became Prime Minister in 1894 after the death of Sir John Thompson. But dissatisfaction with his leadership, particularly over such issues as the Manitoba Schools Question, soon forced his resignation on 27 April 1896. He was succeeded by Sir Charles Tupper, who actually led the Tories to defeat in 1896. Although Bowell was not politically active after his resignation, he led the Opposition in the Senate 1896-1906.