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    Patricia Snell

    Patricia Snell. Soprano, b Leamington, near Windsor, Ont, 30 Jun 1927.

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    Patricia Straughan Adams

    Patricia Adams (b Straughan). Violinist, b Kerrobert, Sask, 19 Dec 1925; LRSM 1943.

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    Patrick Alan Morrow

    Patrick Alan Morrow, photographer, mountaineer (b at Invermere, BC 18 Oct 1952). His abilities as an adventure photographer led to a position on the 1982 Canadian MOUNT EVEREST EXPEDITION, and on October 7 of that year he became

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    Patrick Anderson

    Patrick Anderson, poet, writer, educator (b at Ashtead, Surrey, Eng 4 Aug 1915; d at Halstead, Essex, Eng 1979). A graduate of Oxford and Columbia, Anderson came to Canada in 1940.

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    Patrick Cardy

    Patrick (Robert Thomas) Cardy. Composer, teacher, flutist, b Toronto 22 Aug 1953, d Ottawa 24 March 2005; B MUS (Western Ontario) 1975, MMA (McGill) 1976, D MUS (McGill) 1981. Patrick Cardy's early music studies were in Kitchener, where he played flute in various groups.

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    Patrick deWitt

    Patrick deWitt, novelist, short story writer, screenwriter (born at Sidney, BC 1975). A native of Vancouver Island, Patrick deWitt now lives in Portland, Oregon. His unusual road to literary success has led to two critically acclaimed novels and one produced screenplay.

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    Patrick Friesen

    Patrick Friesen, poet, playwright, filmmaker (born at Steinbach, Manitoba 5 July 1946). Born into a small MENNONITE community, Patrick Friesen broke away from this strict environment at an early age; this personal rebellion has informed his work throughout his life.

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    Patrick Huard

    Patrick Huard, comedian, actor, writer, director, producer (born 2 January 1969 in Montreal, QC). Dynamic and charming, Patrick Huard is a multi-talented artist who has enjoyed great success in front of and behind the camera, as well as on stage and radio. One of Canada’s and Quebec’s biggest stars, he has appeared in some of the country’s highest-grossing films, including Les Boys (1997) and its two sequels; the record-breaking, Genie Award-winning comedy Bon Cop Bad Cop (2006), which he also co-wrote; his feature directorial debut, Les 3 p’tits cochons (2007); and Starbuck (2011). He has also starred in several successful Quebec TV series, including the hugely popular Taxi 0-22 (2007–10), which he also produced and directed. He has won numerous awards for his stand-up comedy and comedy writing, and has hosted several Juste pour rire galas, the Gala de l’ADISQ and the Soirée des Jutra (now Prix Iris), as well as several radio programs.

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    Patrick Lane

    Patrick Lane, poet (born 26 March 1939 in Nelson, BC; died 7 March 2019 in North Saanich, BC).

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    Patrick Martin Draper

    Patrick Martin Draper"Paddy," printer, trade-union leader (b at Aylmer, Qué 1868; d at Ottawa 23 Nov 1943). Apprenticed as a printer, Draper began work at the Government Printing Bureau in Ottawa in 1888, and eventually served as director of printing from 1921 until retirement in 1933.

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    Patrick McKenna

    Patrick McKenna, actor (born at Hamilton, Ont 8 May 1960). Patrick McKenna attended Westmount High School in Hamilton and received a diploma in business administration from Sheridan College in Brampton in 1982.

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    Patrick Norman

    Patrick (b Yvon) Norman (b Éthier). Singer, songwriter, b Montreal 10 Sep 1946. His father taught him how to play the guitar. He also studied singing with Roger Larivière and dance with André Rousseau. It was on the radio program 'Découverte,' on CKVL, that he made his debut in 1954.

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    Patrick Watson

    Patrick Watson, CC, television producer and host, filmmaker, author, actor (born 23 December 1929 in Toronto, ON; died 4 July 2022). Patrick Watson is perhaps best known as a creator, producer and co-host of CBC TV’s popular and influential current affairs program This Hour Has Seven Days (1964–66). He was a noted journalist and filmmaker and the creative director and principal writer of the original Heritage Minutes. He also served as chairman of the CBC during its controversial restructuring in the early 1990s. Watson was named an Officer in the Order of Canada in 1981. He was promoted to Companion in 2001.

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    Patrick Wedd

    Patrick Laurence Perry Wedd, organist-choirmaster, music director, harpsichordist, composer (born 4 January 1948 in Simcoe, ON; died 19 May 2019 in Montreal, QC). Patrick Wedd began his career as an organist-choirmaster at the age of 12. He held positions at churches throughout Southern Ontario, in Vancouver from 1970 to 1986, and in Montreal until his retirement in 2018. Wedd performed extensively in Canada and the United States. His recitals included premieres of works by Thomas Baker, Alex Pauk and Jerome Summers. He gave inaugural recitals on the first Casavant organ in Adelaide, Australia, and the Gabriel Kney organ at Toronto’s Roy Thomson Hall. As a composer, he had works commissioned by the Vancouver Chamber Choir, the British Columbia Choral Federation, the Vancouver Bach Choir and the Tudor Singers of Montreal.

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    Patrick Woodcock

    William Patrick Woodcock, poet, writer (b at Toronto 12 Jul 1968). Patrick Woodcock's father is an Irishman who was constantly singing and leaving poems for Patrick's ballet teacher mother.

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