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    Abraham Nordheimer

    Abraham Nordheimer. Music dealer, publisher, teacher, b Memmelsdorf, Bavaria, 24 Feb 1816, d Hamburg 18 Jan 1862 while on a visit to Germany. With his younger brother Samuel he followed his older brother Isaac, an Oriental scholar, to New York in 1839. He later opened the A. & S. Nordheimer music store and publishing firm with his brother Samuel.

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    Achille Fortier

    Achille Fortier. Composer, teacher, b St-Clet, near Montreal, 23 Oct 1864, d Viauville, Montreal, 19 Aug 1939; honorary D MUS (Montreal) 1926.

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    Ada Bronstein

    Ada Bronstein (b Lvoff). Pianist, accompanist, teacher, b Harbin, China, 1916, naturalized Canadian 1957. She studied piano in Harbin and Shanghai with Boris Lazareff, pupil and son-in-law of Alexander Siloti.

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    Ada Kent

    Ada (Jane Fairlina) Kent (b Twohy). Pianist, organist, composer, b Denver, Colo, of Canadian parents, 8 Feb 1888, d on a visit to London 23 Jul 1969; LAB 1904, B MUS (Toronto) 1906.

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    Adelmo Melecci

    Adelmo Melecci. Teacher, composer, organist, b Felonica Po, near Venice, 18 May 1899, naturalized Canadian 1928, d 31 Aug 2004; honorary ARCT (1988).

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    Adrienne Labelle

    Adrienne Labelle. Soprano, teacher, b Montreal, fl 1904-10. She studied voice with her father, Charles, and Céline Marier and piano with Alexis Contant and Émery Lavigne. She completed her voice studies in 1903 with Auguste-Jean Dubulle in Paris.

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    Agnes Butcher

    Agnes Butcher. Pianist, teacher, b Edmonton 11 Apr 1915; ATCM piano1930, LTCM piano 1936. She began piano studies in Brockville, Ont in 1920, moved to Hamilton in 1924 and studied with W.H. Hewlett, then continued in Toronto in 1934 with Viggo Kihl and Charles Peaker.

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    Al Baculis

    Al Baculis (Joseph George Alphonse Allan). Alto and tenor saxophonist, clarinetist, composer, arranger, teacher, b Montreal 21 Nov 1930, d Seminole, Florida 22 Jan 2007; L MUS clarinet (McGill) 1951.

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    Alain Gagnon

    Alain Gagnon. Composer, teacher, b Trois-Pistoles, Que, 22 May 1938; B MUS (Laval) 1963, L MUS composition (Laval) 1964. He began teaching himself the piano but continued 1951-8 with Father Philippe-Antoine Lavoie at the Rimouski Seminary.

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    Alain Lalonde

    Lalonde, Alain. Composer, teacher, b Montreal 19 Apr 1951; B MUS piano (Montreal) 1971, premier prix analysis (CMM) 1977, deuxième prix composition (CMM) 1979, D MUS (Montreal) 1996.

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    Alan Belkin

    Alan Belkin. Composer, organist, teacher, b Montreal 5 Jul 1951; BA (Sir George Williams) 1972, M MA (McGill) 1978, DMA (Julliard) 1983. He first studied with Marvin Duchow (harmony, counterpoint, composition) and with Dom André Laberge (organ), then pursued his organ studies with Bernard Lagacé.

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    Alan Ehnes

    Alan Ehnes. Trumpeter, teacher, b Valparaiso, Ind, 26 Sep 1946; B MUS (Northwestern) 1969, M MUS (Northwestern) 1973.

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    Alan Heard

    Alan Heard, composer, teacher (born 7 February 1942 in Halifax, NS; died 24 July 2022). B MUS (McGill) 1962, MFA (Princeton) 1964.

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    Alan Lessem

    Alan (Philip) Lessem. Musicologist, teacher, administrator, b Salisbury, Rhodesia (Harare, Zimbabwe), 29 Nov 1940, naturalized Canadian 1981, d Toronto 5 Oct 1991; BA (Cape Town) 1963, B MUS (Cape Town) 1963, M LITT (Cambridge) 1967, PH D (Illinois) 1973.

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    Alan Reesor

    Frederick Alan Edwin Reesor, teacher, organist, conductor, composer (born 14 June 1936 in Markham, ON; died 9 March 2022 In Charlottetown, PEI). B MUS (Toronto) 1957, M MUS (ESM, Rochester) 1965. Alan Reesor studied piano with Gertrude Jackson and organ with Wilfred Powell, John McIntosh, Norman Peterson, and H. William Hawke. Beginning his teaching career in Oshawa, Ontario, he spent 11 years building a successful high school orchestra and band program, while serving as organist and choirmaster at St George's Anglican Church.

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