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    Allison Pass

    Allison Pass, elevation 1,352 metres, is located at kilometre 60, the highest point on the Hope-Princeton Highway (opened 1949) through the Cascade Mountains of southern British Columbia.

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    Athabasca Landing Trail

    Athabasca Landing Trail was established 1875 by Hudson's Bay Company between Edmonton and Athabasca Landing to improve and expand northern transportation.

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    Athabasca Pass

    Athabasca Pass, elevation 1,748 m, is situated on the extreme southwest boundary of Jasper National Park, on the ​British Columbia-​Alberta border.

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    Bruce Trail

    The Bruce Trail is a continuous, 740 km footpath on the Niagara Escarpment

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    Chilkoot Pass

    Chilkoot Pass, elevation 1,067 m, is situated on the British Columbia-Alaska border.

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    Chilkoot Trail

    Today the trail has been somewhat improved and restored by US and Canadian park officials and offers designated campsites and other amenities. However, for the some 2000 people yearly who seek its adventure, it still represents a challenging 4-5 day hike.

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    Crowsnest Pass

    Crowsnest Pass, elevation 1357 m, is situated in the Rocky Mountains, on the BC-Alberta border.

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    Eagle Pass

    Eagle Pass, elevation about 550 m, provides a corridor through the Gold Range in the Monashee Mountains between Shuswap Lake and the ​Columbia River, 12 km southwest of ​Revelstoke, British Columbia.

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    Jumbo Pass

    Jumbo Pass, elevation 2,270 m, is situated in the central Purcell Mountains of British Columbia.

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    Kicking Horse Pass

    Kicking Horse Pass is a route through the Rocky Mountains. At an elevation of 1,627 m, Kicking Horse Pass straddles the Continental Divide on the border between Alberta and British Columbia in Yoho National Park. In 1971, Kicking Horse Pass was designated a National Historic Site for its importance as a transportation corridor in Western Canada, first for Indigenous peoples, then the Canadian Pacific Railway, and finally the Trans-Canada Highway.

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    Methye Portage


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    Pine Pass

    Pine Pass, elevation 874 m, crosses the continental divide northwest-southeast in northeastern BC. The Pine River rises southwest of the pass then flows northwest to meet the Peace River, near Fort St John.

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    Portage is a way by land around an interruption in a water route. Until the early 19th century most inhabitants of what is now Canada travelled mainly by water. Alexander Mackenzie and Simon Fraser demonstrated that it is possible, by portaging 100 times, to canoe from the St Lawrence to the Arctic or Pacific oceans.

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    Portage La Loche (Methye Portage)

    Portage La Loche (Methye Portage), in present-day northern Saskatchewan, was the longest portage (20 km) in the regular fur trade, traversing the height of land between the Hudson Bay watershed and the Arctic watershed.

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    Toronto Feature: Carrying Place Trail, Humber River

    This article is from our Toronto Feature series. Features from past programs are not updated.

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