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    Bruce Graham Trigger

    Bruce Graham Trigger, anthropologist, archaeologist (born 18 June 1937 in Preston, ON; died 1 December 2006 in Montréal, QC).

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    Canadian Shares Nobel Prize

    Retired Hamilton restaurateur Max Mintz can still recall the two teenage boys. Following the death of their mother in 1956, David and Myron would often visit Mintz’s diner, the Chicken Roost, brought by their father, dentist Jess Scholes.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on October 27, 1997

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    Charles Gordon Hewitt

    Charles Gordon Hewitt, administrator, economic entomologist, conservationist (born 23 February 1885 in Macclesfield, England; died 29 February 1920 in Ottawa, ON). Charles Gordon Hewitt was an expert on houseflies who served as Canada’s Dominion entomologist from 1909 until his death. He played an important role in expanding the government’s entomology branch, as well as in passing the Destructive Insect and Pest Act (1910).

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    Davidson Black

    Davidson Black, anatomist, anthropologist (b at Toronto, Ont 25 July 1884; d at Beijing [Peking], China 15 Mar 1934).

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    Edward Sapir

    Edward Sapir, anthropologist, linguist, essayist (born 26 January 1884 in Lauenburg, Germany; died 4 February 1939 in New Haven, Connecticut).

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    Frank Gouldsmith Speck

    Frank Gouldsmith Speck, anthropologist (b at Brooklyn, NY 8 Nov 1881; d at Philadelphia, Pa 6 Feb 1950). He pioneered study of the Algonquian peoples of eastern Canada and New England.

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    Franz Boas

    Franz Boas, anthropologist, ethnologist, folklorist, linguist (born 9 July 1858 in Minden, Westphalia, Germany; died on 21 December 1942 in New York City, NY).

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    James Alexander Teit

    James Alexander Teit, ethnographer (b in Shetland Is, Scot 1864; d at Spences Bridge, BC 30 Oct 1922).

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    John Porter

    John Arthur Porter, sociologist (born 12 November 1921 in Vancouver, BC; died 15 June 1979 in at Ottawa, ON). Regarded by many as Canada's leading English-language sociologist, Porter is best known for his monumental work, The Vertical Mosaic, published 1965.

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    Marc-Adélard Tremblay

    Marc-Adélard Tremblay, OC, GOQ, FRSC, professor of anthropology (born 24 April 1922 in Les Éboulements, QC; died 20 March 2014 in Quebec City, QC).

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