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    Acheson Gosford Irvine

    Acheson Gosford Irvine, soldier, police officer, prison warden (b at Québec C 7 Dec 1837; d there 9 Jan 1916). The third commissioner of the NWMP, Irvine's reputation was ruined by the North-West Resistance.

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    Campbell Mellis Douglas

    Campbell Mellis Douglas, surgeon, soldier, writer, inventor and sportsman (b at Grosse Ile, Qué 5 Aug 1840; d at Wells, Somerset, Eng 31 Dec 1909).

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    Charles Constantine

    Charles Constantine, mounted policeman (b at Bradford, Yorkshire 13 Nov 1849; d at Long Beach, Calif 5 May 1912). Immigrating to Canada as a young man, Constantine was a member of the Red River Expedition sent against Louis Riel and the Manitoba Métis in 1870.

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    Ephrem A. Brisebois

    Ephrem A. Brisebois, soldier, mounted policeman, registrar of land titles (b at South Durham, Qué 7 Mar 1850; d at Minnedosa, Man 13 Feb 1890).

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    François-Louis Lessard

    François-Louis Lessard, army officer (b at Québec C 9 Dec 1860; d at Meadowvale, Ont 7 Aug 1927).

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    John George Brown

    John George Brown, "Kootenai," army officer, prospector, constable, whisky trader, buffalo hunter, wolfer, dispatch rider, guide, scout, driving force in establishing Waterton Lakes National Park (b at Ennistymon, Ire 10 Oct 1839; d at Waterton Lakes, Alta 18 July 1916).

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    Sam Steele

    Sir Samuel Benfield Steele, CB, KCMG, mounted policeman, soldier (born 5 January 1848 in Medonte, Canada West; died 30 January 1919 in London, England). As a member of the North-West Mounted Police, Steele was an important participant in the signing of Treaty 6 and Treaty 7, the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway, the North-West Rebellion and the Klondike gold rush. His military career began as a private in the Red River Expedition, included service in the South African War as an officer commanding Lord Strathcona’s Horse and as a major general during the First World War.

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    Sir Frederick Dobson Middleton

    Sir Frederick Dobson Middleton, soldier (b at Belfast, Ire 2 Nov 1825; d at London, Eng 25 Jan 1898).

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    Sir William Dillon Otter

    Sir William Dillon Otter, soldier (b at Clinton, Ont 3 Dec 1843; d at Toronto 6 May 1929). A veteran of the Battle of Ridgeway in 1866 and a part-time soldier, Otter joined the permanent force in 1883. He commanded the Battleford column in the North-West Campaign of 1885 (see North-West Resistance) and was the first commanding officer of the Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry in 1893.

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    Thomas Bland Strange

    Thomas Bland Strange, army officer (b at Meerut, India 15 Sept 1831; d at Camberley, Eng 9 July 1925).

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    Thomas Dixon Byron Evans

    Thomas Dixon Byron Evans, soldier (b at Hamilton, Ont 22 Mar 1860; d at Battle Creek, Mich 23 Aug 1908).

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