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    Abraham Gesner

     Abraham Gesner, geologist, author, chemist, inventor (b near Cornwallis, NS 2 May 1797; d at Halifax, NS 29 Apr 1864). Gesner invented kerosene oil and, because of his patents for distilling bituminous material, was a founder of the modern Petroleum Industry.

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    Alan Newton Campbell

    Alan Newton Campbell, professor of chemistry (b at Halifax, Eng 29 Oct 1899; d at Winnipeg 10 Nov 1987). After receiving a doctorate from King's College, London, Campbell became assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Manitoba in 1930.

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    Alexander Thomas Cameron

    Alexander Thomas Cameron, biochemist (b at London, Eng 1882; d at Winnipeg 25 Sept 1947). Educated in chemistry at University of Edinburgh, Cameron came to University of Manitoba as lecturer of physiology and remained there (except for WWI service in France) until his death.

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    Andrew Robertson Gordon

    Andrew Robertson Gordon, physical chemist, educator (b at Toronto June 26 1896; d there 29 July 1967). He was an officer in the Canadian Field Artillery in WWI and was appointed to the department of chemistry of the University of Toronto in 1925.

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    Archibald Byron Macallum

    Archibald Byron Macallum, biochemist, physiologist, educator (b at Belmont, Canada W 7 Apr 1858; d at London, Ont 5 Apr 1934).

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    Arthur Gilbert McCalla

    Arthur Gilbert McCalla, cereal chemist (b at St Catharines, Ont 22 Mar 1906; d at Edmonton 30 Apr 1985).

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    Arthur Newcombe Bourns

    Arthur Newcombe Bourns, OC, FRSC, professor of chemistry, university administrator (born 8 December 1919 in Petitcodiac, NB; died 29 May 2015 in Burlington, ON).

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    Brian Evans Conway

    Brian Evans Conway, chemistry professor (b at Farnborough, Eng 26 Jan 1927). After obtaining his doctorate from the University of London in 1949, Conway worked as a research associate at the Chester Beatty Cancer Research Institute in London.

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    Charles Alexander McDowell

    Charles Alexander McDowell, physical chemist (born 29 August 1918 in Belfast, Ireland; died 18 September 2001). McDowell came to Canada in 1955 as head of the chemistry department of the University of British Columbia.

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    Clara Benson

    Clara Cynthia Benson, professor of chemistry (born in 1875 in Port Hope, ON; died 24 March 1964 in Port Hope). In 1899, Benson became the first woman to graduate in chemistry from the University of Toronto. In 1903, she became one of the first two women awarded a PhD at the university. After graduating with her doctorate, she worked at the University of Toronto’s Lillian Massey School of Domestic Science, becoming one of the university’s first female professors in 1920. (See also Home Economics.) A capable teacher who stimulated research and was a friend to her students, Benson taught at the school until her retirement in 1945. The Benson Building at the University of Toronto was named in recognition of her efforts to obtain better athletic facilities for women students. (See also: The History of Canadian Women in Sport; Women and Sport.)

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    Donald Frank Stedman

    Donald Frank Stedman, scientist (b at Tunbridge Wells, Eng 4 Apr 1900; d at Ottawa 2 May 1967). Primarily a chemist, he was one of the earliest staffers of the NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (1930).

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    Donald James Le Roy

    Donald James Le Roy, physical chemist, science adviser (b at Detroit, Mich 5 Mar 1913; d at Ottawa 1 Nov 1985). After gaining his PhD at the University of Toronto (1939), he joined E.W.R.

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    Edgar William Richard Steacie

    Edgar William Richard Steacie, physical chemist, scientist-statesman (b at Westmount, Qué 25 Dec 1900; d at Ottawa 28 Aug 1962).

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    Edith and Cyril Berkeley

    Edith Berkeley, née Dunington, biologist (b at Tulbagh, S Africa 6 Sept 1875; d at Nanaimo, BC 25 Feb 1963) and Cyril, chemist (b at London, Eng 2 Dec 1878; d at Nanaimo, BC, 25 Aug 1973).

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    Erich Baer

    Erich Baer, chemist, educator (b at Berlin, Ger 8 Mar 1901; d at Toronto 23 Sept 1975). He studied at University of Berlin under Hermann O.L. Fischer, with whom he worked until 1948 (from 1937 at University of Toronto). Baer became a professor in 1951 and professor emeritus in 1969.

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