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    Arthur Oliver Wheeler

    Arthur Oliver Wheeler, surveyor, mountaineer (born at Lyrath, Ireland 1 May 1860; died at Banff, Alta 20 March 1945). Qualifying in 1881 as Ontario land surveyor, he also obtained Dominion (1882), Manitoba (1882), British Columbia (1891) and Alberta (1911) credentials.

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    Henry Wolsey Bayfield

    Henry Wolsey Bayfield, naval officer, hydrographic surveyor (b at Hull, Eng 21 Jan 1795; d at Charlottetown 10 Feb 1885). At age 11, Bayfield joined the Royal Navy. In 1816 he was engaged by Captain W.F. Owen to assist in surveying Lake Ontario.

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    James White

    James White, geographer (b at Ingersoll, Ont 3 Feb 1863; d at Ottawa 26 Feb 1928). He was educated at RMC and in 1884 he was employed as an assistant topographer in the GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF CANADA, where he carried out numerous surveys in Ontario, Québec and the Rocky Mts.

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    Jean-Baptiste-Louis Franquelin

    Jean-Baptiste-Louis Franquelin, cartographer, royal hydrographer, teacher of navigation (b at Saint-Michel de Villebernin, France 1651; d in France after 1712). The first official cartographer in Canada, Franquelin drew some 50 richly illustrated manuscript maps of New France between 1674 and 1708.

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    Louis-Edmond Hamelin

    Louis-Edmond Hamelin, OC, GOQ, geographer (born 21 March 1923 in Saint-Didace, QC; died 11 February 2020 in Quebec City, QC).

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    Robert Abram Bartlett

    ​Robert Abram Bartlett, Arctic mariner, explorer, ice captain, scientist (born 15 August 1875 in Brigus, NL; died 28 April 1946 in New York City, NY).

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