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    Alan Eagleson

    Robert Alan Eagleson, lawyer (b at St Catharines, Ont 24 Apr 1933). In 1966, as hockey's first player agent, he negotiated Bobby Orr's first contract with the Boston Bruins, a $70 000 deal that made the 18-year-old rookie the highest-paid player in professional hockey.

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    Albert Jean de Grandpré

    Albert Jean De Grandpré, lawyer, business executive (b at Montréal 14 Sept 1921). Educated at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf (BA 1940) and McGill University (BLC 1943), he practised insurance law in Québec during 1943-66 before joining Bell Canada as general counsel.

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    Alexander Kennedy Isbister

    Alexander Kennedy Isbister, Métis schoolmaster, explorer, lawyer (born June 1822 in Cumberland House, Rupert's Land, [now in SK]; died 28 May 1883 in London, England). Isbister explored the Mackenzie River basin in northwestern Canada (from 1838 to 1842) while employed by the Hudson's Bay Company. However, he is best known as a champion of Métis rights and as a distinguished educator and author.

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    Alexander Wallace Matheson

    Alexander Wallace Matheson, lawyer, politician, premier of PEI 1953-59 (b at Bellevue, PEI 11 June 1903; d at Charlottetown 3 Mar 1976).

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    Allan Gotlieb

    Allan Ezra Gotlieb, public servant (born 28 February 1928 in Winnipeg, MB; died 18 April 2020 in Toronto, ON

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    Andromache Karakatsanis

    Andromache Karakatsanis, justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, justice of the Court of Appeal for Ontario, public servant, lawyer (born 3 October 1955 in Toronto, ON). Andromache Karakatsanis practiced criminal, civil and family litigation in Toronto before becoming the first woman to head the Liquor Licence Board of Ontario (LLBO). She then served as assistant deputy attorney general and deputy attorney general of Ontario before being appointed head of Ontario’s public service. She was then named to the bench of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and the Court of Appeal for Ontario. In 2011, she became the first Greek Canadian to be appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada. Karakatsanis is known as an apolitical pragmatist who is dedicated to making the justice system more accessible. She is currently the longest-serving justice on the Court.

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    Annie Langstaff

    Annie Langstaff, née MacDonald, feminist, legal scholar, aviatrix (b at Alexandria, Ont 1887; d at Montréal 29 June 1975).

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    Balarama Holness

    Balarama Holness, professional football player, jurist, political activist, social entrepreneur (born 20 July 1983 in Montreal, QC). Balarama Holness put a wayward youth behind him to become a Grey Cup-winning professional football player with his hometown Montreal Alouettes. He then pursued a career as a jurist and political organizer and ran for mayor of the borough of Montréal-Nord in 2017. His community organizing efforts led to two separate reports (in 2019 and 2020) that acknowledged the existence and extent of systemic racism in the province, while also recommending solutions. In 2021, Holness ran to become mayor of Montreal but was defeated.

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    Barrister, member of legal profession in England who has exclusive right of audience in high and superior courts. Usually retained by a solicitor, barristers have unique legal status.

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    Book Review: Drabinsky's Life

    This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on April 17, 1995

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    Brian Bowman

    Brian Thomas Douglas Bowman, judge, lawyer, mayor of Winnipeg 2014–22 (born 18 August 1971 in Winnipeg, MB). A Métis lawyer specializing in privacy rights and social media, Brian Bowman was elected Winnipeg’s first Indigenous mayor on 22 October 2014. A business-minded centrist, Bowman served two full terms before stepping down in 2022. He was appointed a judge for the Court of King’s Bench in December 2023.

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    Brian Brooke Claxton

    Brian Brooke Claxton, lawyer, politician (b at Montréal 23 Aug 1898; d at Ottawa 13 June 1960). He attended Lower Canada College and McGill, graduating with an LLB in 1921, the year he began to practise law. During WWI he had served overseas with the 10th Siege Battery.

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    Brian Gallant

    ​Brian Alexander Gallant, lawyer, leader of New Brunswick Liberal Party, 33rd premier of New Brunswick 2014–18 (born 27 April 1982 in Shediac Bridge, New Brunswick). Gallant was elected premier of New Brunswick on 23 September 2014, when his party won a majority government; at 32 years of age, he became the country’s youngest premier. However, in the September 2018 provincial election, the Liberal Party lost their majority. Gallant resigned as premier after losing a confidence vote in November 2018 and was replaced by Progressive Conservative Blaine Higgs.

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    Cecil Augustus Wright

    Cecil Augustus Wright, "Caesar," educator (b at London, Ont 2 July 1904; d at Toronto 24 Apr 1967). Called Canada's most influential law teacher and the architect of LEGAL EDUCATION in Ontario, Wright taught at Osgoode Hall Law School from 1927, becoming dean in 1948.

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    Charles Vance Millar

    Charles Vance Millar, lawyer (born 28 June 1854 in Aylmer, Ontario; died 31 October 1926 in Toronto, Ontario). A lawyer, sportsman and practical joker, Millar is best known as creator of the Stork Derby.

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