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    Edward Schuch

    Edward (Washington) Schuch. Choirmaster, teacher, critic, bass, b Manchester 20 Feb 1848, d Toronto 3 Mar 1940. He was educated in Toronto at Upper Canada College and served as choirmaster at several of Toronto's Anglican churches, including St James' Cathedral 1892-6.

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    Egerton Ryerson

    Adolphus Egerton Ryerson, Methodist minister, educator (born 24 March 1803 in Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County, Upper Canada; died 18 February 1882 in Toronto, Ontario). Egerton Ryerson was a leading figure in education and politics in 19th century Ontario. He helped found and edit the Christian Guardian (1829) and served as president of the Methodist Church of Canada (1874–78). As superintendent of education in Canada West, Ryerson established a system of free, mandatory schooling at the primary and secondary level — the forerunner of Ontario’s current school system. He also founded the Provincial Normal School (1847), which eventually became the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). Ryerson also served as principal of Victoria College, which he helped found in 1836 as the Upper Canada Academy. He was also, however, involved in the development of residential schools in Canada. This has led to increasing calls to rename Ryerson University (now Toronto Metropolitan University) and other institutions named in his honour.

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    Eliza Ritchie

    Eliza Ritchie, educator, feminist (b at Halifax 20 May 1856; d there 5 Sept 1933). Ritchie graduated from Dalhousie in 1887 and 2 years later obtained her PhD from Cornell, probably the first Canadian woman to secure a doctorate.

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    Elmer Jamieson

    Elmer Jamieson, educator (born 30 August 1891 on the Six Nations of the Grand River, ON; died 18 April 1972 in Toronto, ON). Elmer Jamieson was a Kanyen’keha:ka member of the military, veteran of the First World War and later became an educator.

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    Ernest Whyte

    Ernest Whyte. Composer, teacher, b Perth, Ont, 14 Oct 1858, d Ottawa 23 Nov 1922.

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    Ernestine Russell

    Ernestine “Ernie” Jean Russell, gymnast, coach (born 10 June 1938 in Windsor, ON). Ernestine Russell was Canada’s best female gymnast of the 1950s. She was the first woman to represent Canada in gymnastics at the Olympic Summer Games, at Melbourne in 1956. She was also the first Canadian gymnast ever to medal in an international competition, at the 1959 Pan American Games in Chicago, where she won four gold medals and two silver. She won 46 gold medals at the Canadian Gymnastics Championships between 1954 and 1960. She also had a successful career coaching women’s gymnastics at the NCAA level and with Team USA. She has been inducted into the Canadian Amateur Athletic Hall of Fame and the US Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

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    Fernand Ouellet

    Fernand Ouellet, historian, educator (b at Lac Bouchette, Qué 6 Nov 1926). After taking his doctorate from Université de Laval, Ouellet did specialized study in Paris, returning to teach history at Laval, then at Carleton University, the University of Ottawa and, finally, York University in Toronto.

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    F.H. Torrington

    F.H. (Frederick Herbert) Torrington. Conductor, organist, violinist, teacher, administrator, b Dudley, near Birmingham, 20 Oct 1837, d Toronto 20 Nov 1917; honorary D MUS (Toronto) 1902.

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    France Dion

    (Marie Marguerite Aline) France Dion. Soprano, teacher, born Québec City 16 May 1929; died Boucherville 2 Jul 2011.

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    Frances James

    (Mary) Frances James. Soprano, teacher, b Saint John, NB, 3 Feb 1903, d Victoria, BC, 22 Aug 1988. She spent her childhood in Halifax and Montreal and took her main formative studies on a four-year scholarship at the McGill Cons with Walter Clapperton.

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    Francis Chaplin

    Francis (Eugene) Chaplin. Violinist, teacher, b Newcastle, NB, 30 Dec 1927, d Brandon, Man, 3 Dec 1993; Artist Diploma (Juilliard) 1950, Graduate Diploma (Juilliard) 1951, honorary D MUS (Mt Allison) 1974.

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    Francis Dhomont

    Francis Dhomont. Composer, teacher, b Paris 2 Nov 1926. He studied in Paris with Ginette Waldmeier, Charles Koechlin and Nadia Boulanger. From 1944 to 1963, he composed for instruments and for voice, attempting to reconcile modality and atonality.

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    Francis William Schofield

    Francis William Schofield, veterinarian, teacher, researcher (b at Rugby, Eng 15 Mar 1889; d at Seoul, S Korea 12 Apr 1970). Schofield joined the faculty of the Ontario Veterinary Coll in 1910. He was a teacher and missionary in Korea 1916-19, and returned there in 1955 at retirement.

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    François Boucher

    François Boucher. Violinist, teacher, b Montreal 1860, d Kansas City ca 1936. He studied the violin with Jules Hone and Frantz Jehin-Prume.

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    François Héraly

    (J.A.) François Héraly. Clarinetist, bandmaster, teacher, b Flavin, near Namur, Belgium, 1856, d Montreal between 20 and 22 Jul 1920. In 1867 he began music study in Brussels, and in 1873 he attended the conservatory at Namur, where he joined a regimental band.

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