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    Hec Crighton Trophy

    The Hec Crighton Trophy was presented to the Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union in 1967 by the board of directors of the Canadian College Bowl, to be awarded annually to the athlete deemed to be the most outstanding university football player in Canada.

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    Highland Games

    Highland Games originated among the Scots' Celtic ancestors and became a customary part of their life.

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    The most common form of hiking is that which takes place in our community or city parks and open spaces for a morning walk or a weekend family stroll. In this case it is more closely associated with walking (for pleasure), which remains the most popular activity participated in by Canadians.

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    Hockey Canada

    Hockey Canada is the official governing body of hockey in Canada, representing the country as a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

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    Hockey: Canada's Game

    The following article is an editorial written by The Canadian Encyclopedia staff. Editorials are not usually updated.

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    Hockey Championships End in Violence

    The debacle began with only 31.6 seconds left in the overtime period. The University of Moncton Blue Eagles, the reigning Canadian collegiate hockey champions, were down one game to nil in their best-of-three divisional final against the University of Prince Edward Island Panthers.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on March 11, 1996

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    Hockey Coach Guilty of Sexual Assault

    This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on January 13, 1997. Partner content is not updated. For the victims, there was no joy last week when junior hockey coach Graham James was sentenced to 3 ½ years in a federal penitentiary for sexually assaulting two former players.

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    Hockey Hall of Fame

       The Hockey Hall of Fame, founded on 10 September 1943, was the result of meetings of the NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE and the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association. Kingston's mayor, Stuart Crawford, was elected its president.

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    Hockey Night in Canada

    Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC) is a weekly Saturday night broadcast of National Hockey League (NHL) games. It is Canada’s longest-running television program and the Guinness World Record holder as the longest-running TV sports program. It was first broadcast on the radio in Montreal and Toronto as General Motors Hockey Broadcast on 12 November 1931, with play-by-play by iconic sports broadcaster Foster Hewitt. The first televised airing of HNIC — one of Canada’s earliest television broadcasts — was on 11 October 1952. The program was produced by the CBC from 1936 until 2013, when the rights to broadcast NHL games were acquired by Rogers Communications. A staple of Canadian television for more than half a century, HNIC has long been the country’s highest-rated series. It regularly averaged more than 2 million viewers for decades. Recent seasons have averaged around 1.3 million viewers per episode. The theme music is seen by many as Canada’s second national anthem. The series has won 21 Gemini Awards and three Canadian Screen Awards.

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    Home Run Record Breaks

    When all else fails - and in recent years baseball's stock has been slipping like the loonie - there is always the history.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on September 14, 1998

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    In Canada, hunting at will for food is possible for Indigenous peoples belonging to groups that obtained that right when they ceded lands under treaty, and for Indigenous peoples belonging to other groups by virtue of acknowledged aboriginal title.

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    Ice Hockey in Canada

    Hockey is Canada's official national winter sport and perhaps its greatest contribution to world sport. Canada is considered the birthplace of ice hockey, and Canadians generally regard the sport as their own.

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    Ice Skating

    Ice skating probably originated in Scandinavia over 2000 years ago as a means of transportation.

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    Canadian Men's Hockey Team at the World Championships

    1920 to 1963 Note 1: Canada did not have a national hockey team until 1964. From 1920 to 1963, the winner of the Allan Cup usually represented the country at the Olympics and world championships. Note 2: From 1920 to 1968, the Olympic hockey tournament also counted as the world championship. Year Host Canadian Team Result Champion 1920 Antwerp, Belgium Winnipeg Falcons GOLD Canada 1924 Chamonix, France Toronto Granites GOLD Canada 1928 St. Moritz, Switzerland...

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    Club de Foot Montréal

    Club de Foot Montréal (also CF Montréal, CFM or CFMTL) is a men’s professional soccer team  that plays in Major League Soccer (MLS). The club was founded as L’Impact de Montréal or the Montreal Impact in 1992. It changed its name and brand identity on 14 January 2020. The team plays at Stade Saputo in Montreal and is operated by the Saputo family (see Lino Saputo). L’Impact played in various professional soccer leagues before joining MLS for the 2012 season. L’Impact won the Voyageurs Cup six times (2002–07) and the Canadian Championship three times (2008, 2013, 2014). The club has made it to MLS playoffs three times (2013, 2015, 2016), getting as far as the Eastern Conference finals in 2016. In 2015, they became the first Canadian club to reach the CONCACAF Champions League final. Club de Foot Montréal is one of three MLS franchises in Canada, including Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

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