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    Andrew Graham

    Andrew Graham, fur trader (b probably near Edinburgh, Scot c 1733; d at Prestonpans, Scot 8 Sept 1815). Graham worked for the Hudson's Bay Company at Churchill, York Factory and Ft Severn (1749-75).

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    Andrew Sarlos

    ​Andrew Sarlos, OC, financier, Bay Street power broker (born 24 November 1931 in Budapest, Hungary; died 28 April 1997 in Toronto, ON).

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    Angus Bernard MacDonald

    Angus Bernard MacDonald, educator, co-operative leader (b at Glassburn, NS 21 Nov 1893; d at Ottawa 13 Sept 1952).

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    Angus Walters

    Under his command, the schooner achieved fame on the Grand Banks and in the International Fisherman's Trophy races 1921 to 1938.

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    Anne Tanenbaum: Maclean's 1995 Honor Roll

    When asked why she gives her money away, 86-year-old Anne Tanenbaum avoids grand pronouncements. Instead, she shrugs her shoulders and tells a story, inflected with just a hint of her native New York City accent.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on December 18, 1995

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    Annette Verschuren

    Annette Verschuren, OC, business executive, entrepreneur (born 24 June 1956 in North Sydney, NS). Verschuren studied business at St. Francis Xavier University and also holds a number of honorary doctorates. Best known for her 15 years as the president of The Home Depot Canada, Verschuren co-founded Toronto energy-storage start-up NRStor in 2012 and serves as its chair and CEO. She has served on several government-appointed bodies and the boards of Canadian businesses and non-profits.

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    Anthony Dalton Scott

    Anthony Dalton (Tony) Scott, OC, FRSC, economist (born 2 August 1923 in Vancouver, BC; died 17 February 2015 in Vancouver). Scott made pioneering contributions to the economics of natural resource use and management. 

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    Antoine Turmel

    Antoine Turmel, OC, businessman (born 25 April 1918 in Thetford Mines, QC; died 6 December 2012 in Montréal, QC).

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    Arlene Dickinson

    Arlene Dickinson, entrepreneur, business executive, television personality (born 8 October 1956 in Germiston, South Africa). Dickinson is best known as a star of CBC’s Dragons’ Den and as the CEO of Venture Communications Ltd., one of Canada’s largest independent marketing agencies. With a reported net worth of $80 million, Dickinson is one of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs. Her success has been recognized by several honours and awards, such as the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

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    Art Dealers

    Art dealers in Canada have served as art dealers everywhere, not only as sellers of art but as tastemakers. Since they act as a link between the work of art and the art-buying public, they have an important role in the identification of who is important in Canadian art.

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    Arthur Blaikie Purvis

    Purvis, Arthur Blaikie, industrialist (b at London, Eng 31 Mar 1890; d at Prestwick, Scot 14 Aug 1941). At the age of 20 Purvis joined Nobel's Explosives Co of Glasgow, which became part of Imperial Chemical Industries of London.

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    Arthur Deane Nesbitt

    Arthur Deane Nesbitt, businessman (b at Montreal 16 Nov 1910; d there 22 Feb 1978). Educated as an engineer at McGill, where he first took up flying, Nesbitt joined the RCAF in 1939 and fought with distinction (winning the DFC) in No 1 Fighter Squadron 1940-41.

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    Arthur James Edward Child

    Arthur James Edward Child, business executive (b at Guildford, Eng 19 May 1910; d at Calgary 30 July 1996). He was educated at Queen's, Harvard Business School and the University of Toronto.

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    Arthur Meighen

    Arthur Meighen, lawyer, politician, businessman, prime minister of Canada (b at Anderson, Ont 16 June 1874; d at Toronto 5 Aug 1960).

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    Arthur Thomas Howe

    Arthur Thomas Howe, entrepreneur, orchardist, sportsman (b at Pavenham, Eng 27 Mar 1855; d at Vernon, BC 7 Oct 1947).

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